Swaperoony 3

Sorry for the lacklustre blogging recently – I’ve not been in fantastic health recently (not sure what the problem is, have various hospital appointments coming up to try and solve the mystery), so I’m doing the bare minimum to keep on top of things. I must apologise too for not being so good at replying to comments and blog reading recently – I’m trying to have some early nights, so not spending quite as much time at the PC…

Having said all that, although it’s a little bit of work to organise, having a scrap swap always really cheers me up, so I think it’s time for another…

Scrap swap logo

Here are the all-important Rules – but really, it’s dead simple! Sign up by next Friday, 29 July if you’d like to join in.

The Rules

The swap is open to anyone, anywhere – but PLEASE let me know if you would prefer NOT to send overseas – it’s definitely not obligatory!

Pack up around 100g (4oz) of fabric in a padded envelope

– fabric must be good quality

– fabric must be clean & relatively crumple free

– scraps should be no smaller than 5cm x 5cm (2″x2″)

– at least three-quarters of the fabric scraps should be 100% cotton

– you can include vintage or thrifted fabric as long as it meets the above criteria

* Include any other treats or crafting / sewing goodies that you want to put in your parcel (don’t go mad – let’s keep this pressure-free!)

* Send your parcel off to your swap recipient by 31 August

* Keep in touch and let us know how your swap has gone


Hexalong progress

It’s totally obvious really – but I’ve just discovered that scraps are brilliant for making hexagons for the Hexalong at Lily’s Quilts. I ran these hexies (my first!) up last night..

My first hexalong hexies

They’re mostly made with scraps that I’ve received in the first two Very Berry Scrap Swaps.  I still have no real idea what I’m going to make, mind you, but I’m realising that one of the great things about hexies is, once I’ve got to this stage, I can play around with them happily until I’ve got a combination I like, for a project I feel like doing. If I have any spares, or bits I don’t need, I can just save them for another project  – brilliant!   So if you’ve got the hexie bug too, then taking part in the scrap swap would be the very thing…

18 thoughts on “Swaperoony 3

  1. Oh I’m definitely in. I’ve got a hexi quilt I’m working on for my first grandchild. My kids are only 4 and 7, but it is best to plan ahead with an undertaking like this, right?! I’m in the US but I’ll mail anywhere. The further the better, in fact!

  2. Yes please I’d like to take part, although this is my first one and not too sure what to do, although I have read the rules and am sure with a little guidance can work it out.


  3. I’m so sorry to hear you’re not well – I hope they find out what it is quickly and it’s easily treated…it’s so frustrating to go back time and again and not get an answer. I just wanted to say thank you for my pincushion and fabric pieces, etc. – I’ve emailed you but also wanted to comment on your blog and I’m also uploading a couple of photos to Flickr (I’m “Archie the wonder dog” over there – think I have a split personality!). I think I’m going to resist the swap (for now!) but I’ll be watching your hexies with interest! Thanks again and get well soon x

  4. Oh, I do hope they find a cause to your health problems and then a cure. Fingers crossed you are feeling better very soon. I am up for the fabric swap. I have only done one before and it was a stuff as much as you could in an envelope (a size of which did not exist in the UK) and after saying I liked modern and bright I got an awful lot of black and brown fabric. 100g is such a more sensible amount and easier to know you have sent the correct amount.So, please, count me in.

  5. Can I join in please??
    This sounds a great idea – especially if we’re making hexagons or vomit squares!

  6. So sorry to hear you are under the weather. i hope you get some answers and are back on form soon. Good luck with the swap, I don’t think I’ll join in this one ( still working my way through the lovely fabrics I received from the first two) , perhaps next time. Take care of yourself and take it easy.

  7. Yes I’m in please! A bit like you with the hexies I’d be delighted with 2.5″ squares for a scrap vomit quilt, I only need a few thousand different squares!

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