Cupcake winner and goodies from China

Hello everyone!  So I’ve used to do the usual, and here’s the winner:

cupcake winner

Comment number 16 was from Helen who said:

Great tutorial! What does the Eco-fi felt feel like? I struggle to work with wool felt as it makes me itch and was wondering if this would be a good alternative? My favourite flavour is either lemon ripple (with lemon curd filling and vanilla icing) or earl grey (again, with vanilla icing). Thanks for the giveaway!

And the good news for Helen is she gets to feel what the Eco-fi felt feels like for herself – so that’s worked out rather well (for her anyway!). Don’t forget to take advantage of the 10% off offer at The Felted Rainbow – just need to mention VERYBERRY when you go through the Paypal checkout.


I thought I’d experiment with buying a little fabric from overseas. I came upon the wonderful Etsy shop of a fabric seller based in China – Stefanie Style – and was really drooling over her fabrics. So I read up on what I needed to do to avoid being stung with Import VAT and the Royal Mail ‘Handling Fee’ – which was to keep the cost of my parcel (INCLUDING postage) to below £18 (this is changing to £15 in November sadly). Here’s what I got:

CareCheri Market - Trefle from Kokka

Love of Nature - linen fabric from China

La Brioche Perdue by by Junko Matsuda for Daiwabo

Japanese linen with cats and birds

Cute eh? Especially that last one, which is my favourite I think. If you want to know any details of the fabrics (where I’ve managed to figure them out), just click on the pic and you will end up on my Flickr photostream where I’ve added what I know.

5 thoughts on “Cupcake winner and goodies from China

  1. Thanks for the tip about import vat – I always try and keep my overseas orders under £18 for the same reason, but trying to keep it under £15 will probably cancel out any savings I might have made! So frustrating.

  2. Hi – if you email me I have a tip about getting fabric from America ;o) I have paid the £8 handling fee and Tax once….it seems a bit unfair – and I do feel sorry for Local Quilt Shops, but now fabric at £12 per m it is worth shipping it in.

  3. Eek! Can’t believe I won…thank you so much – I’ll be stalking the post lady!! Gorgeous fabric, keeping the cost below £18 can’t be easy, below £15 is just silly!

  4. Love the fabrics. I have had my eye on the top one for a while now!. I was caught once on the import tax – never again!! I always ask for 2 parcels if the amount has exceeded the limit, it may cost a little more but is still far cheaper than the tax and it’s more the principle of the matter! Well done to Helen!

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