Some finished purses..

I’m feeling deeply uninspired this evening so I thought I’d just share some pics of the things I’ve finished over the last couple of days. I haven’t even got the usual sense of achievement of getting stuff done and dusted either. It’s definitely one of those days when you don’t quite feel satisfied with anything much…  oh dear this is turning gloomy, best get on!

Crochet combo coin purse

Thanks for everyone who made suggestions about finishing touches for this purse, when I posted about it a couple of weeks back. Lots of people were in favour of buttons, and I thought a little arrangement of matching, but not matching, buttons might be just the ticket. The intention is for the little square of buttons to echo the little granny squares, and the grid of the seam arrangement. Of course, getting 4 buttons to sit in a square is definitely NOT the easiest thing to do!

This little piggy coin purse

I love this cute piggy linen mix fabric – when I was little I used to collect pigs (not real live ones you understand), and would have LOVED a coin purse like this. Also love the red fabric with the tiny polka dots – it is so extremely useful, I seem to have it in everything I make just now.

Vintage greens coin purse

The shape of this coin purse is entirely dictated by the shape of the 2 scraps of vintage fabric that I used. It’s yummy stuff and part of a gorgeous stash of scraps that I got from Flaming Nora in the first Very Berry scrap swap. I think they look great together. And look – I have £2! So it can’t be that bad can it…!

13 thoughts on “Some finished purses..

  1. Sorry you are feeling a bit uninspired. Some days are just like that aren’t they, whatever you do leaves you feeling flat. Never mind, tomorrow’s another day. The purses are gorgeous – I absolutely adore everything you make, they always look so perfect and professional. BTW where did you get the piggie material from its fab? xx

    1. Jane that’s very kind of you – I aspire towards a very neat finish, so I am very flattered! I wish I knew about the piggy fabric – I got it in a scrap swap from someone in the USA – I suspect it’s a Japanese import – maybe Kokka… but can’t find it for you!

  2. I like them all but the last one is a bit different. The fabric is retro but the shape gives it a modern edge. It just goes to show what happens when you get your inspiration from what you have to hand.
    Teresa x

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