Wild raspberry preserve

Our garden-wall loganberry harvest is a bit unimpressive this year, so I was really delighted that there are wild raspberries growing rather abundantly in our local(ish) woods. Abundant, but  fiddly to pick, because they are fairly small and seem to hide away so successfully under leaves, but at least there are no thorns to contend with. I picked just over half a pound in the few minutes allowed me by the kids, who were scampering off into the distance..

Wild raspberry preserve

Along with some loganberries I’d managed to find, I had about 1/2 kilo of fruit in total and decided to make a little jam. This might seem a bit mad with this quantity of fruit, but the raspberry jam recipe I use is so quick and easy, and the results so utterly delicious, that it’s definitely worth doing.

The recipe I use comes from a book of clippings collected together by my godmother, Kath, who died back in 1994. She left me all her books (she knew me well) & I turn to one or other of her collection very frequently – it’s a lovely reminder of her. The best books in the collection are the ones she put together herself from all sorts of sources – magazine cuttings, WI publications, newspaper columns & passed on by friends. It’s lovely to see her writing there, & it takes my breath away when every so often I come across my late mum’s handwriting on one of the pieces pasted in…

Here’s Auntie Kath’s recipe for raspberry jam – loganberries and blackberries work too (or any combination). Her clipping is annoted with ‘BBC – 1937 – Very Good’:

Raspberry Jam
To each lb (500g) of fresh raspberries measure 1 1/4lb (625g) sugar. Warm sugar in a low oven (Gas 3, 160C) until it is very warm. Whilst the sugar is warming put the raspberries in a suitable pan over a gentle heat. Mash a little with a wooden spoon & when the juice runs add the sugar. Boil very fast for 3 minutes exactly. Pot as usual.

The set of this one varies a bit – sometimes it is quite runny – but I don’t let that bother me! It’s gorgeous on fresh bread, with pancakes, on toast, on our favourite buttermilk breakfast buns, in sponge cakes, spooned over Greek yogurt, licked from the spoon…

3 thoughts on “Wild raspberry preserve

  1. I’ve got loads of loganberries this year, possibly due to the rather vicious hacking session it got early this year followed by being totally ignored until it started producing. Maybe it’s a plant form of attention-seeking? I don’t know what weight of crop we have had so far as so few of them have made it into the kitchen (or even the house). I think of the berries themselves as payment for searching through the thorns and the honeysuckle that it’s grown through. Definitely lots more than last year. Maybe not enough for jam though, even if some of them had made it indoors.

  2. I make preserves from wild, home grown or donated fruit (as it seems you do), therefore, what I make is governed by what I can get. I’d love to get some raspberry bushes so I can make jam but OH says they’re a waste of space! I’ve got some cherries waiting to be made into jam though (tonight hopefully)! My fingernails are still black from stoneing them all the other evening!
    Teresa x

  3. I need to try making jam again – my one and only attempt last autumn ended up with a solid, wine gum consistency lump that I couldn’t even chip out of the jar!! Runny would be good!

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