Ups and downs in the garden

It’s been a difficult day in the garden… I’m really worried that our tomatoes have blight, which would probably mean the loss of the entire crop. Please keep your fingers crossed – planting and growing tomatoes is a lot of hard work, but more importantly, I would be so so sad if we lost all that delicious potential harvest….
My first ever carrot harvest

On the upside, today I picked my first ever harvest of carrots. Don’t they look nice! We’ve already eaten them in a scrummy vegetable soup which also contained home-grown courgettes, turnip greens and herbs, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much (oh, but my lovely tomatoes…!).


Meanwhile, I’ve been making more pincushions… I’m writing a tutorial on how to hand-sew a pincushion like this little cutie:

Cupcake pincushion

Here’s another one – same pattern, different embroidery:
Felt cupcake pincushion

Just to whet your appetite, on Monday I’ll publish the tutorial, start a giveaway to win one of my pincushions, AND a 10% discount code for the brilliant Felted Rainbow on Folksy. Just how will you get through the weekend???


9 thoughts on “Ups and downs in the garden

  1. Love the cupcake pincushions, and those carrots look fantastic! Hope your tomatoes are ok. It must be so frustrating when you put so much effort into growing them.

  2. The pin cushions are lovely – I particularly like the sprinkles! I hope your tomatoes recover…

  3. Your carrots are lovely and even sized – not a knobble in sight! I hope your tomatoes are alright. We haven’t any fruit on our plants yet and not many flowers so I’m not holding out much hope.
    Your pin cushions are sweet – I’ll be interested to see how you stuff them so the sides are straight.
    Teresa x

  4. The pincushions are really sweet and bring back memories of ones we made at primary school in the early 70s (minus the cupcakes of course). The carrots look great too!

  5. I hope your tomatoes can be saved but at least your carrots seem to be thriving as they look just perfect.
    LOVE the pincushion and am really looking forward to the tutorial.

  6. I loved eating carrots fresh from the garden and washed under the garden hose when I was a kid. Heaven! Your pincushions are too nice to poke pins in. Oh, and if it is any consolation my tomatoes are struggling to even grow, let alone flower and then produce a crop. The weather has been diabolical for them.

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