Secrets… and a little help please

I’ve been working on some secret projects recently, and I am glad that I can finally reveal with a small fanfare (feel free to do your own sound effects…). First up is this storage pouch I’ve made for a swap with my online friend Helen of Hollie-in-Bloom. I know Helen likes bright colours and funky patterns so I decided to use this very cute Michael Miller fabric called Lovebirds to make her a useful (I hope) storage pouch for some of her sewing stuff.

Pouch made for swap

 Although it’s a slightly manic combination, I do like the way these colours work together – it’s lined with a tiny white on red polkadot fabric, which makes it even more crazy – sorry I didn’t get a photograph of that for you. I’d like to make some more of these in different fabrics for the shop, now I’ve had my first go – I loved doing the pleated insert. Please excuse the slightly crumpled look – I’ve decided I really need to buy a new iron…


On an utterly different note, I’ve also been making a small gift for a friend of mine who is being ordained as an Anglican priest this weekend. So tough to know what to make, but I wanted to send him a bit more than a card. Here’s what I came up with:

Ordination gift

Ordination gift

I crocheted the motif with embroidery cotton, then sewed it onto a piece of Kaffe Fassett shot cotton, and, as you can see, on the back I’ve embroidered the ordination date. The finished ‘thing’ (I’ve no idea what to call it…) is about the size of a coaster so he can use it for his clerical sherry glass/cup of tea or maybe as a place-marker in a worthy & uplifting book…


Finally, I need to ask for your help. I’ve been working on this little purse. I was really keen to make it in this shape – influenced a bit by old-fashioned drawstring pouches, and also to really draw attention to the crocheted trim. But now I am not so sure – what do you think of the shape? Does it just look dumpy??

Coin purse

and do you think it could do with a bit more embellishment?

Coin purse
And if so, WHAT? I think it looks too bare myself and was wondering about quilting round the squares, or just making a little embroidered motif somewhere… but just can’t decide what would look best. Would love to hear your thoughts before I start attacking it with my needle again…


Have a great weekend… I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe for gooseberry curd (one of the most delicious preserves you will ever try – guaranteed) and then some fabric news on Sunday, Meanwhile, don’t forget the Fancy Moon giveaway… a huge thank you to everyone who has entered so far – you all have great taste in fabrics!

15 thoughts on “Secrets… and a little help please

      1. impressive! thanks = i will definitely be looking!
        (what, if anything, did you end up adding to it?)

  1. I think it’s totally a matter of taste! Some people like plainer things, others lots of detail. I’m a massive prints, colours, stitches, clash clash clash person! Little lines of your nice red stitches would look nice round each of your corners, like the cross on the St Andrew’s flag – but that’s just my taste! Plus, I love red x

  2. The love birds pouch is adorable- I love the combo, perfect together. Nice coaster too, v discrete. I echo Hadley with the button on the pouch if you want decoration, or a flower, but looks nice plain with the seam detail too

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment about the unicorn dress I made! I think your purse is beautiful, I love the colours and the shape is perfect, not dumpy at all. Because there is a nice detail on the crochet and also the hand stitching I don’t think it really needs embellishment but if you were to add something, my choice would probably be a button. A small one right in the centre of the crochet but not to cover it up too much. How about grey-ish mop?

    Kate x

  4. i love the shape = the whole thing! it’s very sweet. i don’t think it looks too bare myself. if you decide to add something, perhaps just a row of french knots (like 3) in lower right square?

    love the other projects as well.

    1. Thank you Lynn! I do like the idea of French knots too. Oh dear! I don’t think this is making my decision making any easier. Thanks for your help though – it’s good to have more options. 🙂

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