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I’m so excited!

Fancy Moon is one of my fave online fabric shops because of its consistently fabulous, bold & eclectic choice of fabrics, so I was really pleased when Nancy got in touch to suggest a Very Berry Fancy Moon Giveaway – it’s so brilliant to be able to offer a Very Berry reader the opportunity to choose 2 metres of fabric from the gorgeous selection at Fancy Moon…..  Hope you’re excited too now…!

I’ll tell you how to enter in a minute, but first let’s find out more about Nancy, one of the owners of Fancy Moon.

Couturier Buttons fabric from Fancy Moon
Couturier Buttons (Robert Kaufman) from Fancy Moon Fabrics

Can you tell us a little bit about Fancy Moon, its history & what you sell?

I’d had a fairly successful career in corporate design, advertising and branding working for some very big London agencies.  It was great fun and I learnt so much but I worked between 80 and 110 hours a week!  After many years I found myself utterly exhausted and ultimately quite disillusioned. As a student I had studied fashion and textiles, and pattern cutting, and I found myself reaching for my sewing machine as a form of therapy, relaxation and hopefully income…!   I made a collection of bags and got a stall at Portobello Market and soon I was selling my bag collection into shops around Notting Hill and West London.  However, I was spending many long hours trying to source fabrics for my collections and found that I was looking overseas more and more.

Pleasantdale Vignettes (Whistler Studios for Baum Windham) at Fancy Moon Fabrics
Pleasantdale Vignettes (Whistler Studios for Baum Windham) at Fancy Moon Fabrics

I realised that there was a huge gap in the UK market for a stylish online shop to pull together and showcase the amazing fabric collections that I had found overseas. So in 2005 Fancy Moon was born (though at the time we were called Fancy Nancy!). We worked very hard with some very talented web designers to create a user-friendly online shop that was slick, stylish and easy to navigate. We wanted to create the perfect online shopping experience so that visitors found our website to be a smooth-sailing pleasure from the moment they arrived to the moment they checked-out. We simply stock fabrics by brilliant designers who have a very strong sense of their own direction; many of the collections are unique and most of the fabrics are still very difficult to source in the UK.

Petpourri in white (Elizabeth Studios)from Fancy Moon fabrics
Petpourri in white (Elizabeth Studios)from Fancy Moon Fabrics

Do you sew  yourself?  If so, what things do you enjoy making?

Between running Fancy Moon and looking after our two year old daughter Beatrice, there is very little time for the gentle pleasure that sewing brings!  I sometimes make little outfits for Beatrice; when she was very tiny I made her some soft foam bricks and covered them with pictorial children’s fabric.  I made her a patchwork quilt, and our house is filled with a fairly eclectic collection of cushions!  My most recent project was relining a vintage hand-embroidered scarf with some of the beautiful cotton lawn fabric by Alexander Henry.  The scarf is transformed and I wear it all the time.

Brownie Playing Cards (Yugyoku for Kokka) from Fancy Moon Fabrics
Brownie Playing Cards (Yugyoku for Kokka) from Fancy Moon Fabrics

Do you have your own personal favourite designer or brand?

I love them all!  I am a total fabric junkie and I get very excited when I find a new collection or a new designer.  Right now I really like Aneela Hoey’s gorgeous Sherbert Pips Collection for Moda.  Similarly Heather Ross’ Far Far Away Collections for Kokka, and the beautiful fantasy prints and punchy graphic lines of Estuko Furuya’s Echino and Echino Nico collections.  We have just found the most beautiful collection by a new fabric designer called Melissa White who’s just released a collection for Rowan Westminster called ‘Fairlyte Garden’.  It has just arrived in the shop and it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

Fairlyte Bug Hunt Vibrant (Melissa White for Rowan Westminster) at Fancy Moon Fabrics
Fairlyte Bug Hunt Vibrant (Melissa White for Rowan Westminster) at Fancy Moon Fabrics

The Pleasantdale Collection that has just been released by Windham is another favourite – it’s a fabulously nostalgic view of 1950’s suburban childhood.  We have the most enormous range of Alexander Henry fabrics that are always entertaining, delightful and seem to entirely encapsulate the zeitgeist. We’re also very excited about the enormous shipment of Kokka fabrics that is due to dock in the next couple of weeks… Kokka always push the limit particularly with their fantastic and utterly unashamed love of kitsch!  I love it too!

American Old Story Lambs (Trefle for Kokka) from Fancy Moon
American Old Story Lambs (Trefle for Kokka) from Fancy Moon Fabrics


I hope that you are getting a good idea of how great Fancy Moon is!  So now to the giveaway…

The Rules

Pop round to Fancy Moon and peruse the gorgeous fabrics, then come straight back here and tell me which one you like best. That’s all there is to it.

If you’d like a second chance to win then become a fan of Fancy Moon on Facebook, and leave ANOTHER COMMENT to say that you are a FB fan.

There are 2 metres of fabric up for grabs – you can choose 2m of 1 fabric or 1m each of 2 different fabrics.  It is going to be SO hard to choose, I guarantee it.

The giveaway is open to everyone, UK and International.

You have until midnight (GMT) on Sunday July 3 to enter – the winner will be announced a week today, on 4 July.

Floral Forest (Trefle for Kokka) at Fancy Moon Fabrics
Floral Forest (Trefle for Kokka) at Fancy Moon Fabrics




116 thoughts on “Very Berry Fancy Moon Giveaway

  1. I love Out To Lunch. I really like Tammis Keefe’s designs and got very excited when Michael Miller reissued them. I think it would lend itself to being made into an apron or 50s skirt. I’m thinking Betty from Mad Men.

  2. I love fancy moon, been stalking it for a while now, just hoping some cash would drop into my lap! I love pretty much all the fabrics but I’ve got my eye on the Alexander Henry contigo light for a kick-ass dress!

  3. I think my heart just stopped when I saw the ‘Brownie Playing Cards (Yugyoku for Kokka)’ I so want some of that to turn into a doll or perhaps a little purse. ❤

  4. I’m so excited! I’ve just finished making my first dress for my 21 month old daughter Ruby. I think I may now be addicted to making clothes for my children (Ruby’s wee brother Fred arrived 9 weeks ago). I was just over on Fancy Moon ordering an Oliver + S dress pattern and came very very close to ordering the Ruby Star Rising Teatime in Jade by Melody Miller for Kokka (and not just because of the Ruby connection!) and then I saw the Viewfinder fabric (on the Ruby Star Rising blog) and I’m going to have to wait for that to come in. Anyway, Teatime in Jade is my current favourite. Thank you!

  5. Have just put my first order in today and found your post! i ordered millifiori orange, fairytale butterfly carnival faded and botany topiary and a bit of brown bonehead! cant wait for them to arrive!

    But truely, how can we really choose just ONE?? the colors are GLORIOUS!!

  7. I’ve got a thing about maps, so Eagle Peak Trail Tea from Alexander Henry is one of my favourites! Brilliant inspiration for a project I have in mind! Thanks.

  8. What a brilliant giveaway and a fantastic selection of fabric. It’s completely impossible to choose one favourite but here are a few of mine, in no particular order of course Kokka East Pavilion Blue and Ornament Teal and Cosmo Fantastic Forest Natural. Yum!

  9. I love Fancy Moon, its such a hard decision but I love Fantastic Circus and I love Alice Rabbit Blue, I cant narrow it down to just 1

  10. Oh I love the Fancy Moon shop, many an hour has been lost on that site, drool dribbling down chin…I love Kaffe Fasset’s Persian Vase in Grey and also Spring St by P&B textiles, so different!

  11. Am a Huge Fan ( & customer!) of Fancy Moon so thanku so muchly for the chance of such a fab giveaway – 2 Metres whoo hoo!
    Melissa White’s new range is stunning, ‘specially love her Fairlyte Butterfly Carnival Faded, yum 🙂

  12. Oooh delicious choices – but for me owl flower as it is so bold and vibrant and also Happy Hills. Fabric choice is everything in whatever you make – you have an absolutely fantastic selection – keep bringing us these superb choices. Thanks

  13. wow such an original collection of fabrics in one place! My favourite at the moment is Amy Butler Fuschia Tree Chartreuse which I would love to get my mits on! Thanks for the giveaway x

  14. Melissa White’s Fairlyte Butterfly Carnival Faded for Westminster Fabrics is utterly utterly divine! What a wonderful collection of fabrics at Fancy Moon, thanks for sharing and for the giveaway! (Thanks for the mention on Folksy Blog too, I really appreciate it!!!)

  15. Oh wow. I can’t pick a single fabric I like best! The new Melissa White fabrics are amazing. I love Ruby Star Rising. But the pet pourri ones are strangely drawing me in too – cats in hats?!!! Genius!

  16. Ooo so many choices – I love all the Shabby Chic fabrics, but I think my favourites are the Russian Dolls – especailly the mini ones!

  17. A search for Michael Miller fabrics actually helped me discover Fancy Moon a couple of weeks ago – loving the ‘Erin Stripe’ design…oh and soo many more!

  18. I can’t chose! Smitten kittens? In fact, ALL of the kittens. ALL of the circus panels…and the Grown Up Fairytale! If I win you’ll just have to ask me again, it’s all gorgeous material 🙂

  19. I’ve had a lot of fun choosing my favourite! I love ‘the owl and the pussycat’ in blue but it’s out of stock so my new favourite is ‘this way border’ in white. Thanks for the giveaway and for introducing me to a new shop!

  20. Well, that was a REALLY difficult choice! For now, I’m going to have to say that Dress Forms by Michael Miller is my favourite because I think it would make an awesome and appropriate bag for me.

  21. There are so many gorgeous fabrics but I’m still currently in love with BonBon Natural I think it would make the most lovely A line skirt.

  22. Wow that was a hard choice! I’d choose Ornament Teal as it has a bunny in it and Morning Call Coffee as I love teacup/pot fabrics! I didn’t know Fancy Moon so thanks for putting me on to them

  23. I don’t know how you managed to choose just a few for this post. They certainly are different. I’ve just browsed them all and my favourite is Happy Birds but I’m sure it would be different if I looked again. I saw only one that I recognised – I bought a small piece of Fifties Kitchen a couple of years ago to make my son a chefs hat for his work (he’s not afraid to be different!)
    Teresa x
    Teresa x

  24. Oh what a div! I really should read properly! Didn’t realise you could choose two fabrics untill i read some of the other comments. Ooops! Can I have cossack strip bright as well as the Deer Valley in Azure, and I’m a FB fan too (as well as being a bit slow!)

  25. Wow what an amazing giveaway! So much to choose from! But finally after much browsing I have decided on Deer Vally Azure, by joel Dewbury for free spirit.
    Have also become a FB fan.
    Thanks for organising this.

  26. Great giveaway thanks!!
    I like deer valley azure and peacock echino pink! But there are lots of others I like too! 🙂

  27. Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous fabric shop. If I won I’d choose a metre each of Story Fruity and Bonbon Natural – I think.

  28. Gosh all fabric is A-DO-RABLE! drool…
    Fantastic series Kayo Horaguchi for Kiyohara absolutely amazing!

  29. You are so right about it being hard to choose. I think my very favorite is “Pussy Cat Town.” I want to go there for a visit!

  30. i like the teatime one in jade. all those loverly tea cups, bet they are full of loverly tea. think i need to go put the kettle on!

  31. That is so cruel to make one choose one from all those delightful prints! I love “Mushroom City” but “Red Riding Hood” in the red reminds me (along with lots of the others) so much of my childhood so it would have to be that one x

  32. I love the fabrics by Etsuko Furuya, and my favorite is the purple bicycle print. Thanks for making a great giveaway!

  33. Very very hard choice, I love the Kokka fabrics, and I love anything with birds or trees on. I guess if I won I would go for 1 m of june Song Black by Alexander Henry and 1m of the Riley Blake Happier Park Blue.

  34. Alexander Henry’s June Song Tea is my top fabric from Fancy Moon. It’s my best selling lampshade fabric and I never tire of it. My customers adore it as it complements so many colours in the modern home, especially the duck egg blue and pale pink. I call it ‘That Bird Lampshade’ and I’m always pointing out the wee spider sitting in its web. He’ll have to be careful – that’s what the birdies are after!

  35. How on earth am I supposed to choose? They are all fabulous! I often browse the shop and am amazed at the selection…today my favourite is Vintage Art Store Green by Lucien, but there are so many favourites! Thanks for the giveaway. I’m giving away on my blog this week too, I would be delighted if you came over:

    1. I can spend hours perusing the Fancy Moon website, it stocks such gorgeous fabrics…. my most favourite at the moment is the flower sugar paisley pink by Lecien…..

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