Proper Camping

We’re just back from a week in north Devon, spent at the fabulous Little Meadow Campsite near Combe Martin. The weather was utterly bonkers – massive rainstorms and strong winds one minute and warm sunshine the next, but we had brilliant time all the same – when you’re a proper camper you don’t need sun every day to have a great holiday!

Our gorgeous Yukon River tent stood up well under the strain – no leaks at all, and with our newly-acquired Delta ground pegs in place, it barely moved in the blustery conditions. Here she is, looking lovely, with our sea view!

Our tent with its sea view

and from the front, with the fantastic, very-necessary awning:

Our tent & awning

Little Meadow is on the cliffs, high above the sea, and the views are amazing. We were entranced by the sunset on our first evening:

Sunset over Little Meadow, Devon

And there was a wonderful quality to the fine evening light. The dramatic cliff you can see in the distance is called Hangman’s Point – all very evocative!

Dusk at Little Meadow

As you can see, the campsite is terraced, so everybody gets a great view – although it can be hard work getting back up the hill with your washing up! I can’t speak highly enough of what a fab place Little Meadow is – friendly owners, fantastic views, useful shop, good facilities, strong on recycling (a real plus point) nice and quiet after 11ish – my perfect site really.

We had one pretty dreadful rainy day, but that wasn’t a problem because we had a lovely relaxing day at the tent. Don’t the boys look like they’re playing very sweetly with their soft toys?

They’re actually playing Soft Toy Boxing, so not so adorable really – the fluffy white bear won on points, I think. Meanwhile Sandy and I put our fingers in our ears and managed to Read Books…! I actually finished 2 novels – The Hand that First Held Mine and Every Last One – both rather compulsive reading, and I also got to do lots of Sudoku puzzles rather badly. No crafting at all occurred!

North Devon has some incredible beaches – many of them are great for rock pooling, rock scrambling, and splashing around in the sea.

At Combe Martin beach
Tom absolutely loved climbing around in the rocks – this is him having a whale of a time at Combe Martin beach.

The Tunnels Beaches at Ilfracombe are really worth a visit, even though it’s a private beach that you have to pay to get on to. There are 4 spooky tunnels, dug through the cliffs in the 1820s, that get you down on to the very dramatic rocky beach:

Rocks at Tunnels beach
At Tunnels beach in Ilfracombe

Danny loved the crashing waves, but it was a bit too chilly (as you can see!) to take a dip in the Victorian bathing pools that still exist, cut into the rocks of the beach.

It was a lot warmer when we went to Barricane beach, which is near to the lovely little village of Mortehoe, and within walking distance of the well-known beach at Woolacombe. Look at this stunning view! Sandy and I were eyeing up the houses, choosing our fantasy home.

I would so love to live here - view over Barricane beach.

We couldn’t wait to get to the sea:

Running to the sea at Barricane beachbeach

So happy by the sea!

As you can see, Danny had a brilliant time – Tom wasn’t quite so sure about all that cold water lapping round his toes! He ran away from the first wave and then managed to fall in, poor thing… it was a rather shivery experience..

My favourite day was also our last. It started out wet and a bit chilly, but we decided we had to venture out, so packed up our sandwiches and headed off for a walk around Morte Point, which is owned by the National Trust. Gradually the day got better and better – we were bowled over the by the gorgeous, dramatic sea views:

Rockham Bay with Morte Point in the distance

We were so lucky that the sun came out, and we found this wonderful beach at Rockham Bay:

Rockham Beach

We had a wonderful afternoon there, and then headed back to the campsite, tired and happy, ready to pack up for home.

I shall spare you the details of the journey, the unpacking, the 6 loads of washing, nowhere near done yet….

19 thoughts on “Proper Camping

  1. Hello there, and thanks for your kind comments on my blog! I’m enjoying looking at yours. Rockham Bay and Morte Point is my favourite place in the whole world! We’ve been camping at North Morte Farm nearly every year of my life. I have such lovely memories. The walk from Rockham Bay to Lee Bay is so spectacular. And you can’t beat running full pelt down the dunes and into the sea at Woolacombe. Hoping to make it there later this summer. x vicky

  2. Looks like a gorgeous vacation spot! It seems that the boys had a great time and the fact that you got to read books yourself, makes it a real vacation! Sounds wonderful!

  3. I absolutely adore North Devon. Mortehoe is a wonderful place and my favourite beach in the world is Combesgate (next to Barricane). We have been there for the last six years and I would go there every year if I could. I will miss it this year 😦

  4. Wow, that scenery is incredible. We’re off to the North East next week, and these pictures are making me impatient. Looks like you had a fabulous time 🙂

  5. That sunset is amazing. In fact it all looks pretty stupendous. So glad to hear you all had a great time. Soft toy boxing! Yes I seem to remember that, although my two have now taken the toys out of the equation :o)
    We are holidaying in Cornwall in a couple of weeks. Just hope the weather improves, my boys are no more keen on cold water than your Tom seems to be.

    1. Have a wonderful time Linnhe – hope it warms up for you. Can you believe I’ve never been to Cornwall either… people always seem to find this horrifying – but my dad thought it was too hot! 😀

    1. It’s odd how that happens isn’t it. There’s lots of local ‘places of interest’ that I’ve never been to – I probably would be visiting them if I was on holiday here!

      1. Oh yes indeed we are. Breaking the journey with my Mum in London, who will provide a roast chicken, wine, a comfortable bed and send us on our way with a new picnic the next day!

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