Thinking about colour

I’ve been thinking a lot about my approach to colour in my sewing. Because I’ve been making lots of tiny pincushions, it feels like colour mistakes are a lot less easy to hide than in bigger pieces.  I don’t have a training in art, design or textiles, so putting together colour, tones and patterns is something that I have to learn for myself. Up until now, my colour decisions have been made in a really ad hoc way – I think of a new project then I delve around in my stash until I come up with a combination of fabrics that I think works together for that particular project. But I’m beginning to realise that it’s time to devote a lot more time to thinking about my colour choices, and how fabrics work together.

So I’m seeking out places to look for colour lessons. One of my favourites is the Creature Comforts blog by the highly fabulous Ez. Pop round there and click on Colour Crush – for hours of happy browsing.  This is how it works –

Marigold & Green for the Creature Comforts blog
Marigold & Green from the Creature Comforts blog

Ez fnds gorgeous images, groups them together, then pulls out the colour combinations that make the image work so well. Brilliant.

Pinterest is also fantastic for colour inspiration – just type in your preferred colour combinations and away you go. Love grey and yellow combinations? Then just search on grey’ (or gray of course) and yellow and you’re away. You can also try searching for stuff like ‘colour combination’ or ‘mood board’ or quilt plus your favourite colour. Woops… that’s another evening gone!

Does anyone fancy joining me on a Thinking About Colour challenge?  Here’s my idea:

1) Think of a theme (whatever you like)

2) Put together collections of colours, objects, pictures (again, whatever you like) and photograph them or compile web images

3) Blog the results

4) Share the results on Flickr and via a Mr Linky widget thing (that I’ll set up if I can work out how to do it…)

Please leave a comment if you’d like to join in – and if there’s enough interest I’ll post a proper plan on Saturday.

10 thoughts on “Thinking about colour

  1. Hi there – as you know, colour is on my mind in a big way at the moment! This looks like a great way to think about why certain combinations work. I find that some people seem to have an innate sense of colour whilst others, like me, have to stumble around a bit before getting there.

  2. This sounds really interesting. Colour is something I’m always very random about – I feel I know instinctively if something doesn’t work (or doesn’t work for me) but it’d be nice to take it apart a little bit more to see how it works 🙂

    Although I’m rubbish at choosing themes, so I might have to have a hard thing about that one!

  3. I’m currently in the process of sorting hoardes of fabric and bits out and have been amazed at the colours i have and how they look when bags and bags of scraps are tipped out on my bed for sorting!
    I’d use a challenge like this to kickstart my spring clean(!) and start a blog/journal of my sewing.

  4. Yes yes! I’m in – it will work nicely alongside the 30-day drawing challenge I’m doing, and I’m very keen to get into mixed-media work so it can only be a benefit. Thank you! 🙂

  5. I love the challenge and would definitely join in. I think some people have such an eye for putting colours together and I would love the chance to spend some time putting something together.

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