Vintage goodies from Oxfam

I caused a twittery burst of enthusiasm the other night when I tweeted about some lovely vintage threads I’d found available in an online store… in their original boxes too. I couldn’t resist buying a few..

The boxes:

Vintage Anchor Stranded Cotton Boxes

The colour labels on the sides of the boxes:

Vintage Anchor Stranded Cotton Boxes

and the threads:

Vintage Anchor Stranded Cotton

Aren’t they lovely! I’m pleased with the colours because I just picked out the boxes that were the cheapest, and wasn’t really sure how good the colours were going to be. The boxes are particularly brilliant – all lined with tissue paper with their colour labels on the side. I find them very evocative, especially because someone has carefully kept a running tally of how many skeins are left in each box. I have visions of a recently closed-down shop, with a storeroom full of beautifully organised haberdashery…  what a thought!

A few people were surprised at where I’d found them – in the Oxfam online Second-hand Store, because they didn’t know that there even was such a thing. So I thought I’d share this little snippet of online shopping wisdom with you too. There’s still a fair few boxes left (some pretty pricey I admit) in the Linen and Fabric department, which is also a great place to look for yarn, fabric and vintage patterns.  I often pick up some nice clothes too – when I was buying the threads I also managed to acquire a really pretty Betty Jackson blouse. My summer wardrobe now looks a lot more interesting.

I know a lot of people wont buy second hand, but I love it – for budgetary and eco reasons, and the Oxfam online store is a great place to do it without having to trawl through racks of shelves in charity shops.  Would love to hear about other great places to pick up vintage and second-hand stuff online – we all know the obvious ones, but would love to hear of the more out of the way places, especially the ones where you might be able to pick up a bargain.

7 thoughts on “Vintage goodies from Oxfam

  1. They look lovely, and I can’t wait to see what you make! I volunteer in an Oxfam shop and we get some amazing stock. I also find car boot sales can be good for vintage/unused thread, zips, lace, etc.

  2. I am actually a teeny bit jealous of those boxes of thread. Well really jealous actually! Thanks for the on line tip, I had no idea. Off to have a look around.

  3. I heard Oxfam had an online site selling Wedding Dresses but didn’t realise until I looked recently that it was a complete online shop.
    Teresa x

  4. Great find!! I love the colours! What luck! I love 2nd hand shopping! You can find such wonderful treasures for a fraction of the new cost!!

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