Some more finished makes

I’ve been finishing some bits and pieces over the weekend. This wrist cuff is an experiment using a little vintage buckle as a fastener, and the lacy crochet is my own design. I am hoping to blog the pattern – hopefully this week, but I’m making no promises – life is so busy in the garden just now (in between dodging the rain and giant hailstones – the weather has been nuts today!). But I’ll share it eventually…

Crochet cotton bracelet with vintage buckle

This is crocheted with DMC 5 Cotton Perle on a tiny 1.5mm hook. I love this kind of intricate work, and the cotton is lovely to work with – it looks so pretty and comes in such a wonderful range of colours. Here’s another wrist cuff also done in cotton perle – this one is a custom order:

Crochet cotton wrist cuff

At the customer’s request, this one fastens with a popper (underneath the button), which actually works really well, so much simpler than struggling to fasten a button one-handed or stretching a bracelet over your hand. The customer clearly DOES know best!

Finally (and my personal favourite), a little pincushion based on a pattern by Suzuko Koseki, from the book Playful Patchwork. It’s hand-pieced (only the backing is sewn on with a machine – for extra strength). I never thought I would enjoy hand piecing so much, but I do, so I expect you will see more of these over the coming weeks.

Pretty birdy pincushion

Pincushion close up

The hand-pieced pincushion and the crochet bracelet with the buckle are now available in the Very Berry Folksy shop. Speaking of hand-piecing, I came across this amazing bit of speedy sewing on YouTube the other day – I find it slightly awe-inspiring…

One thought on “Some more finished makes

  1. I l ove the cute pin cushion with the little birds and your stitching is very neat – I wouldn’t have known it was hand done. I’ve made a couple of pin cushions recently but they’re not as cute as yours!
    Teresa x

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