Desirable books…

These are all from my Pinterest ‘To Read’ Board… They all seem to reflect my current enthusiasms for patchwork, hand sewing and mid-century modern style…

Modern Vintage Style by Emily Chalmers

Modern Vintage Style by Emily Chalmers, stylist, writer and owner of stylish Shoreditch boutique – Caravan.


Natural Patchwork by Suzuko Koseki

Natural Patchwork by Suzuko Koseki, the amazing quilter and fabric designer.


The Fifties by Sue Prichard

The Fifties by Sue Prichard, Curator of Contemporary Textiles at the V&A.


Sewn by Hand by Susan Wasinger

Sewn by Hand by Susan Wasinger, renowned designer and eco-crafter.

(btw, you can find a giveaway to win this book just here at Burda Style)


I’d love to hear what’s on your ‘to read’ wishlist at the moment…

3 thoughts on “Desirable books…

  1. I love Susan Wasinger’s crafting philosophy!! It’s a lot like mine, although she has a much more creative imagination than me. I love her studio too.
    Teresa x

  2. “Little Things To Sew” by Liesel Gibson (of Oliver & S) arrived today and it’s all gorgeous – I’ve kind of ‘read’ it by salivating over the pictures of everything so it’s more of a “things to make” list now (which is already an awfully long one with not much progress going on!).

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