Some stories from our garden..

There’s masses going on in our garden just now. We’ll start with the human hard work… this is some of yesterday’s dug up rubble:

More rubble

Here is some of today’s rubble:


This is our new retaining wall. It’s half completed – and guess where all that stone came from?? Eventually we will be planting it up with lot of dry-stone wall type plants.

New retaining wall

We now have 3 raised beds completed – just 3 to go. If you look closely you can just see my beloved red solar digital radio. It’s my favourite thing…

3 raised beds now in!

Here are some of the prettier things we’ve dug up. I’m especially fond of that pretty pink flower that looks like it might have come from the 30s.

Shards from the garden

Our house dates from the early 1980’s, but it’s built on land previously occupied by outbuildings of a rather grand 19th century villa. We’ve found an awful lot of clay pipes, broken pots, and masses of broken glass. Yesterday was spent chiselling away at some kind of giant stone lintel that was really getting in the way of that third raised bed…

But all the hard work will be worth it I’m sure. There’s already some very lovely things, and there’ll be lots more to come. Here’s a pretty sea pink I planted today:

Sea pink

The quince tree we planted up back in March is just coming into flower – I wonder if you can see that the fluffy leaves are covered in dandelion seeds?! They have been floating around in the breeze in huge drifts these last few days.

Quince bud

My dad planted this stunning azalea when he cared for this garden. Isn’t it a really knock-out orange?


This spray of pink hawthorn, just coming into flower, looks like a tiny bouquet of roses. It’s another of my dad’s plants, and I know it was his favourite – so it always brings back lovely memories of him at this time of year.

Pink hawthorn

I love the way that the ferns are uncurling:

Ferns unfurling

And the flowering bulbs are coming into their own. This alium is just about to burst:

alium just coming into flower

And I love this pale blue camassia – it’s about to be overwhelmed by delphiniums…


My beans are starting to germinate. We’re growing runner beans, a French bean called Trail of Tears, and Borlotti beans this year:

Beans sprouting

And finally, the horse chestnut out on the boundary of our garden is looking incredible. This beautiful flower reminds me of a wedding cake, which is very apt for today I guess.. I imagine this tree was planted back when the original big house was built – we feel very lucky to have it!

Horse chestnut in flower

5 thoughts on “Some stories from our garden..

  1. Lovely photos of the pretty-ness in your garden. I’m glad you’re able to get on with the heavy work now. I love all the chestnuts trees at this time of year – they stir a vague memory from my childhood of a jigsaw puzzle that I think about every year then forget to ask my parents about.
    Teresa x

  2. Lovely plants! We’re growing Trail of Tears this year too – do you know the back story? It’s the bean the Cherokees took with them when they were forced off their land. Yours are looking a lot further on than ours here oop north.

    1. I wondered if it was that Zillah, but I have to confess I didn’t know the story. They are brilliant beans – we grew them last year, and enjoyed them enormously. Am currently worrying where we are going to put them all!

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