Small crises and comforts…

Well, this is the longest I’ve gone without blogging in a while! Unfortunately we’ve had a small family drama – Sandy slipped and twisted his ankle last week, and has been off his feet pretty much ever since. The timing for this little incident couldn’t have been worse because we are half way through our major gardening renovations.

I’ve been trying to carry on with the garden, and work, and be a reasonably sane mum to our two little boys, as well as do all those things that keep our home running smoothly-ish …. I’m feeling shattered, and have found it difficult to come by the inspiration to sit down and write in the evenings. I was also hoping to show you photos of our completed raised beds by now!

pincushion close upLacking the energy to write myself, I’ve been taking comfort in browsing & reading about other people’s sewing. One of my favourite blogs is the lovely Annekata … the photography is beautiful, the creativity is inspiring, and the writing is always an absolute pleasure to read. Kathrin is a devotee of hand-stitching – it was reading her blog that made me start experiment a bit with embroidering on felt and create my spirals patterns on pincushions (right). It’s also the reason why I am currently doing an enormous piece of hand-quilting..

Hand-stitched ornaments from Annekata
Hand-stitched ornaments from Annekata -

Annekata has some lovely tutorials and ideas for projects – my particular favourite (apart from these lovely hand-stitched ornaments, left) is the lovely Greta Garbo hat. I am looking out for lovely piece of red tweedy fabric so that I can make one of these for myself ready for the winter. I will line it with some gorgeous Liberty paisley… (*mental shake* – must stop thinking of my winter wardrobe!).

I’d love to hear about the blogs that never fail to inspire you… do share!

One thought on “Small crises and comforts…

  1. So sorry to hear of your family woes. These things never seem to happen when you have time on your hands do they? Please don’t over do things, everything will still be there tomorrow. Hope Sandy is on the mend and appreciating your TLC.

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