A Hoot..!

I’ve had loads of time to craft today. I got the morning off from home-school and nipped over to Congleton to Beth’s lovely shop – Handmade By – to join in with a new crafty group called Crafty Sew and Sews. I had a great time chatting with some other lovely people about knitting, crochet, sewing, our kids, and selling on Folksy – it was a really good, relaxing time. I managed to concentrate enough on my crochet to do a bit of work on this new wrist cuff:

Partly completed wrist cuff

I’ve used ‘Oliver Twists’ hand-dyed cotton by Jean Oliver for this – it’s lovely to crochet with. I bought this lovely stuff at Audlem Mill in Cheshire – I must go back and get some more.

I also did a little bit of work on this hand-sewn pincuhion, which I finished off this afternoon.
An owly pincushion
I’ve used fabrics from the La Petite Ecole collection from French General – I bought mine from Hulu Crafts. I love that little owl, and these pretty, muted, vintage-style colours. I really enjoyed hand sewing it too – and I love the quite rustic look it’s given the finished cushion.

I hope you like it too, because I’d like to make a present of it to someone… just leave a comment telling me about your sewing, and I’ll draw a name out of a hat next Monday. I’ll throw in some other fabric & sewing goodies too..

20 thoughts on “A Hoot..!

  1. Lovely pin cushion! I love the cute vintage owl too. I also have just joined a monthly sew/knit/craft group. It was great to meet and chat whilst doing some crafting (also the coffee and cake helped!)
    I have just seen you are doing another spring scrap swap- very tempted again to join in! Bx

  2. Love the pincushion Ali. I got round to cutting out templates for some sewing at the beginning of this week but still got to get the sewing machine out!!

  3. Yet another master piece Ali! I too love that rustic look, very authentic looking too! I go through periods of sewing and not sewing – at the minute I’m still on a serious destash so am also trying to use up lots of my fabrics and have made those 4 patchwork seat pads and will be making some large laundry type bags for when we go camping. I still prefere crochet though, its much more forgiving if you’re not the most acurate!

  4. I love the owl! Very cute!
    So a bit about my sewing, I’m a hobby sew-er (is that a word?!) I like to sew just about anything and try any craft though I can’t crochet or knit much.

  5. The pincushion is adorable! I still haven’t made myself one – somehow presents always come first. Currently I’m working on a baby quilt in blue (I’m at the handquilting stage…might take a while longer yet), two hot water bottle covers, and a fat quarter quilt with lots of lovely vintage fabrics in purple, pink and brown. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  6. I’ve been madly sewing for all my swaps this month. Wayyyyy too many. I finished a hot mat last night and have a mug rug to make by Friday. Thanks for a chance to win your cute pincushion. Very sweet!

  7. My sewing at the moment is it no particular order of importance, costumes for the west end production of “Lion King”, set of 4 page boy costumes for “Phantom of the opera”, a top to take on my upcoming holiday, an embroidered birthday present for a friend and finally planning some hand sewing projects to do with my baby sister while on holiday ( and I really mean baby there is a 30 year age gap!) ( half sister obviously!)
    Strangely despite being a professional sewer, I don’t own a pin cushion, so this would be fab if I win!

  8. It’s gorgeous. I’ve been madly sewing for a local craft fair that I did last Saturday. I created stock for a 6ft table in 2 wks!! Madness!

  9. What a lovely pincushion! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂
    I keep meaning to learn to crochet but it hasn’t happened yet.
    At the moment I’m having a go at my first quilt along with Lily’s Quilts – some huge dresden circles! I also need to finish making a dress for my little girl that is in danger of being too small, it’s been sat there so long! I have several baby quilts waiting to be made too (yes, why don’t I get off this pc and do some stitching)

  10. its soooo pretty. My sewing, well, total disarray come to mind. i don’t have much space to things get poked into small spaces and then i can never find them again! currently have about 3 things cut out which i must get round to sewing up before the kids grow out of them! x

  11. I can’t believe that I’m so close to you! I might have to keep my eyes open for the next Crafty Sew and Sews.

    I have lots of quilt blocks made for me by the ladies of the quilting bees I’ve been in and I desperately need to turn them into quilts

  12. The pin cushion looks gorgeous! so does the crocheting your doing. If only i had the time to learn to crochet. i may have to add it to my to-do list!

    As you already know i sew ALOT of dresses for little girls 🙂
    But…you know about that, so, you can know about my own sewing 🙂

    i sew alot of things for my home, i’ve made curtains and bedspreads for my daughters room, laundry bags, my table cloth (with runner WIP) and cushions for the sofas 🙂
    i enjoy taking a break from my business and just sewing what ever i like!

  13. Glad to hear you are out and about! I am currently excited about a very arty farty quilt I am making after being inspired by a print workshop in which I used my keys to make a block and went down the road of pondering the key to life that we all search for!

  14. You’re so talented! I just recently found your blog & look forward to your updates. 🙂 My sewing right now is nothing! lol! I just finished up a bridal shower gift of Christmas placemats, napkins, & coasters. (on my blog if you’d like to see!) Next on my list is a bag for moi! And I’d like to try a new pooch pattern I found that looks cute! Love the pin-cushion, I don’t have one so would love to win it! 🙂

  15. My sewing at the moment consists of the ongoing hexagon quilt and quilt-as-you-go quilt – the same as it’s been for a couple of years. I’ve also got materials picked out for a new corsage design but haven’t got round to doing anything with them.
    I’ve got a tiny pin cushion but could really do with a bigger one and have been meaning to make one but it’s not a priority so doesn’t get done. Your pin cushion is just the sort of muted, rustic colours I like so thank you for the opportunity to try and win it.
    Teresa x

  16. Your pincushion is so cute–love the owl! Right now, I am finishing off a pillowcase dress and matching headband for a baby gift (made from Michael Miller Ginger Blossoms fabric), and also finishing off a halter top/skirt outfit for a friend’s daughter (made from Tanya Whelan Dolce fabrics). I wish I knew of a sewing group to attend! I would love to join a group and get to know the other crafty people in my community.

  17. I have loads of sewing on the go! A table runner with Moda Bistro, some small calico bags for easter eggs – which I must finish by the end of the week, a quilt and two cushions. Just to name a few!

  18. Good timing, as I’m actually doing some sewing at the moment! I’ve already made 12 party bags (big enough to hold a fullsize picture book, with handles – the handles have made it much more complex but hopefully a lot more fun to play with afterwards) and have just cut out the next 8…

    I’m just waiting for my youngest to reliably sleep through the evening without needing me before I can join my local craft group (you have made me jealous of one again!) – fingers crossed it won’t be long…

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