What have I become?

Last night I realised that yesterday (amongst other things), I had baked 2 loaves of sourdough bread, experimented with a rhubarb preserve recipe (not a success!) and pinned my completed quilt top to the backing & wadding so that I can start hand-quilting it. I feel like I should be announcing that today I am going to be raising a barn. My life has become rather homespun hasn’t it!

As it is we’re actually going to go nettle picking this morning, which is possibly almost as dangerous as me doing woodwork on my imaginary barn. We plan to have nettle soup for our lunch. You can’t beat free food, and it also means that I get to blog the recipe & write about foraging for the UK Handmade at the weekend. Secretly, I’m hoping to become their answer to Ray Mears – although I’m going to stay away from the khaki clothes (and the grub eating).

I also finally got round to having a proper look at he parcel I received from the lovely Tara of Sew Tara. It’s been a fabulous scrap swap – thanks so much for organising it Tara. I’m definitely going to organise another one of my own later on this month. Here’s what I received from Tara:

The all important scraps – mmmmmmm!


Some very cute haberdashery:


And some handmade goodies:



What a treat! I feel very spoiled, and am excited planning what to do with all the lovely fabric. Thank you Tara!

I also spent a long time yesterday taking photos for a new project that I’m setting up. I’ve been thinking about this idea for months now  (actually make that years!), and have decided that it’s definitely the time to go for it. But more about that another time… there’s a lot more planning to come.

Whilst I had the camera out, I photographed a completed commission order that’s going off in the post today:

Crochet wrist cuff

It’s a very delicate little wrist cuff, crocheted with DMC 5 Perle Cotton and a tiny hook. Making it made me realise that our living room light-bulb is a little bit too dim for crafting! But after a couple of unravellings, it’s turned out rather nicely, and I’m hoping my customer will be pleased.

Now – I’m off to find some rubber gloves…

10 thoughts on “What have I become?

  1. Homespun is as good as can be as far as I am concerned – it means created with care and thought and love, as is evident in your work. You have yet to convince me, however, on the merits of eating nettles!!!!

  2. Wow you took such great photos of the things I sent!!
    I got your package today, it’s all so lovely.
    Hopefully I’ll find time to catch the light and take some pictures tomorrow.
    It was so fun swapping with you!

  3. I found your post under Tag Surfer and wanted to say how much I like it! Funny how it seems that we must almost apologize for being “homespun.” I had a career and I took an early retirement, now I find lots of fun doing the homespun things I missed out on when I was busier. I like the swap idea too.

    1. Hi there JenyJenny! Thanks for calling round… very nice to meet you. I had a career too, before I had my kids – I miss it sometimes, but I do love the freedom and small adventures of our handmade life these days…

  4. Love this little cuff! Beautifully done : ) I can see our nettle patch starting to spring into life. I say that as if we grow them on purpose! lol. Hoping to get some sweet tops off then in about a week or so. Looking forward to reading your article : )

  5. That’s the kind of productive day I like the sound of. What lovely goodies you received in your swap! If you organised another one I’d certainly be up for it.
    Our living room light is too dim for sewing too. I have to sit in a certain place under a wall lamp to get the best light (usually after kicking my OH out of it)!
    Teresa x

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