Our foraging trip

We wanted to pick some lovely green nettles to make into soup and pesto:


On the way we saw beautiful apple blossom:

Apple blossom

New horse-chestnut tree leaves, just spring into life:

New horse chestnut leaf

Strange &  mysterious catkins:


Glorious blackthorn blossom (hinting that there will be a wonderful harvest of sloe berries later in the year):

Blackthorn blossom

While I picked the nettles – the boys did a bit of climbing:

Climbing boys

And on the way home we saw this beautiful tortoiseshell butterfly:

Tortoiseshell butterfly


It was a lovely morning….

4 thoughts on “Our foraging trip

    1. Penny, I’m guessing they haven’t made it that far up north yet… We have tortoiseshells a-plenty here, and I saw a brimstone the other day. And a little blue one that I don’t know the name of..

  1. Lovely blossom pictures – I find I have to restrain myself at this time of year from filling the camera with pics of spring flowers.

  2. Gorgeous pics! Don’t think I have seen a butterfly yet this year. Did you find out what the strange and mysterious catkins were?

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