Inspired by vintage

I’ve been really lacking in inspiration this week, hence the lack of posts – everything has seemed like a bit TOO much effort. But today I have been much cheered – meeting a friend’s lovely new baby, receiving a gorgeous swap parcel from Sew Tara (more of which next week), and have been putting together the final details of a joint project with The Felted Rainbow, for the early summer (it’s going to be fun!).

Whenever I’m feeling as spectacularly grumpy as I have this week, I find it very soothing to leaf through some of my vintage craft books – concentrating on the ideas rather than the making for a little while. Here are some of the things that got me thinking good thoughts…


A cute summer dress & crochet hat… and I really love the tights, but definitely don’t have the legs to try this one.




Rompers! See legs comment above when it comes to the likelihood of ever seeing me in rompers – but these ARE really cute.  And clearly, groovy girls don’t do lunch, they go fishing…




Cute macrame hat. I can’t do macrame (and now is not the time to learn something new!), but I’m sure that this shape is re-creatable in crochet.



work bag

I like the simple shape of this work bag, and the pretty embroidery too. I’m envisaging it on some greyish linen, with some red embroidery perhaps.




This patchwork caterpillar is really cool – the little patchwork balls are held together with poppers/press studs, and I love the fabrics.




I really love this funky applique bird – I’ve seen similar designs recently in Scandinavian-inspired sewing books – maybe it would look good on a skirt, a needlebook or a tote bag.




This English village scene in applique and embroidery is just so sweet – I really like the combination of machine and hand embroidery.




Not sure about this pillow – like the design, but not the colours – but this photo is fab-u-lous – sunny day, garden bench, shades, cocktail, comfy cushion, copy of Vogue (although would probably prefer Selvedge and a less pink drink) – yesss!


The books I’ve taken these pictures from are Joan Fisher’s Guide to Needlecraft and Needlecraft (WI Home Skills Series). I’ll be back tomorrow with hot cross buns (and possibly jam)…

5 thoughts on “Inspired by vintage

  1. Although like you I have my doubts about the length, that first dress is so cute! I love browsing vintage books – my local charity shop keeps the particularly naff ones for me 🙂

  2. I love the idea of the village scene done in applique and embroidery. It makes me think of the book Caps For Sale. I love the village illustrations in the background found in that book. I’ve always thought they would make a marvelous embroidered or appliqued wall hanging.

  3. I also look through vintage craft books to brighten my spirits and the creative muses. These photos are wonderful. I have a very similar bag that I picked up at a thrift shop. I also adore the lavender tights in the first shot, actually I love the entire outfit.

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