Some Very Berry Makes

Some lovely people have added photos of things they’ve made using our patterns, recipes and tutorials to the Very Berry Makes Flickr group. Check out all this creativity!


Lovely wrist cuff, and great photo too, by Nicole.


Littly owl

A very cute version of my owl pattern by Ella.


Gehaakte Armband / Crocher Wrist Cuff

Another lovely wrist cuff by Eliane. I love that dramatic button and the sparkly yarn.


IMG_1373 (Small)

My very talented crocheting friend Jane tested the bunny pattern for me a long time ago. She’s my chief pattern tester in fact!  Thanks Jane!



Nicole’s version of my crochet flower pattern. Great choice of yarn.


Coffee Card walletCoffee Cards
Laura has made this version of my card wallet – for her collection of coffee loyalty cards. As Sandy pointed out, having 15 coffee shop loyalty cards rather defeats the object – Laura is clearly a very subversive woman! Love, love, love her use of the Daisy Janie fabrics.


Thank you so much to everyone for having a go at these patterns – it’s so great to see what people have been up to. One of the things I love about this selection is that there are 5 countries represented – how cool is that?!  So, please, if you use one of our recipes, patterns or tutorials, please share it with us.

3 thoughts on “Some Very Berry Makes

  1. Fabulous, I need to get one of these as I seem to have accumulated a zillion loyalty cards since moving to the States.

  2. I’d never thought of it as being subversive! More like being cheap and if they’re offering me free coffe, I’m not going to turn it down 😀

    Fabulous gallery – I have to have a go at the owl, he’s just too cute!

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