Two new pincushions

I’ve been relaxing with some hand-sewing. I always forget just how soothing and contemplative it can be, especially when it’s going well. I’ve made some of pincushions like this one before, in fact, the first thing I ever sold at a craft fair was one like this:

Bright Blossoms pincushion

This, on the other hand, is a new thing for me. The embroidery is couched silk threads, inspired by the amazing prehistoric rock carvings of the Newgrange prehistoric passage tomb in Ireland. I saw them many years ago now (errmm, about 25 to be exact!) but they made a huge impression on me.

Celtic Spirals pincushion

It took forever to do this stitching, but it was so satisfying to create. I’m going to try selling it, but I’ve got to charge more than the usual just because of the time it took to make… I feel inclined to put ‘THIS TOOK AGES YOU KNOW!’ in my product description somewhere… but will resist and just go on about it here instead…!

13 thoughts on “Two new pincushions

  1. Lovely pincushions – we should all use such beautiful items to show value for what we do with textiles!
    I have experimented with charging peanuts and charging exorbitant prices and the difference in sales is surprisingly small. My policy now is to take into account time and materials, and design content and uniqueness, and then arrive at a price that I am really comfortable with as a maker. Selling for less feels like I am devaluing myself and more feels like I am ripping off!

    1. Thanks for being so kind about my pincushions. With the pricing I think it’s totally about getting the balance right I think. The other question of course is when does craft become art or collectable. I’ve seen pincushions for sale by makers who are ‘names’, and the price seems like madness… (but them I am a skinflint!).

  2. Oh, I so know the feeling! I’ve had people pick up my stuff at a craft fair and make disparaging comments about how much it costs until I want to punch them in the face. But stick to your guns; real crafters appreciate the work that’s gone into things 🙂 And that pincushion is a work of art!

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve had that experience myself at craft fairs… people are so rude… Also watching someone pick something up, look at the price then put it down again very quickly. Never good for the confidence…

  3. They’re both amazing! I love the stitching on the second one. I think you should put the equivalent of the price is higher because it took forever to stitch in the description. Just word it differently, like “The price is higher for this item due to the effort put into hand stitching unique pattern. It’s one of a kind.” Just a thought.

    1. Jill that is good advice. I think it’s probably right to be upfront about these things. I have tried to hint at the work involved in my description, I might beef it up a bit though…

  4. That cushion is truly amazing. When selling it I think you need to give some indication as to how long it must have taken you. Very few people that aren’t crafters themselves appreciate the time that often goes in to an item

    1. Thank you Linnhe. I think you are right about people not getting how long things take to make. But of course when you can buy really intricate beading and embroidery in Monsoon or Accessorize pretty cheaply, then it’s really hard for people to have an idea of the time and effort involved. But don’t get me started on that subject..

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