Why Handmade?

www.ukhandmade.co.uk - Buy HandmadeI’m signing up to the UK Handmade ‘Buy Handmade’ Campaign. This year I’m going to try and buy handmade gifts, clothes and accessories, whenever I can, and support and promote the work of  designer makers too.

So why buy handmade?

It’s friendly… There’s nothing like being able to chat direct with the person who has made the thing you are buying.

It’s fun … Browsing independent shops and store fronts in your local town centre or on the web is so much more interesting than buying from big name shops.

It builds communities … Knowing the person you are buying from builds relationships locally and online too.

It’s sustainable … Many designer makers have a commitment to sustainability, recycling, upcycling, buying ethically, buying organic.

It’s unique (or nearly) … Handmade items are often one of a kind, or one of very few, and every handmade item you buy will have a unique story of its own.

It’s creative … By buying from a designer maker you are paying someone to design more, giving them licence to be creative, telling them ‘go and make more lovely things’. How cool is that – you’re a patron of the arts!

It’s custom-made … Many designer makers are happy to work to a brief that you provide – you can work with a craftsperson, share ideas, talk about design, and end up with something totally unique, and totally you.

It doesn’t exploit … You have the confidence of knowing exactly who has made what you’re buying, which is reassurance that a lot of big brands can’t provide.

Heart Brooches
I love to buy handmade!

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