A New Flickr Group for Very Berry

Frothy crochet flower - teal
My most favourited picture on Flickr!

I had an idea today… I’d really love to see photographs of things people have made using our patterns, tutorials and recipes (I say ‘our’ because lovely husband Sandy is responsible for some of the recipes). So here’s the group – it’s called Very Berry Makes.  Currently, I’m the only member, so if you’d like to come and share your photos, it would be lovely to see you.  It feels a bit lonely and echo-ey just now…  As soon as there’s more than one photo in there, I’ll set up one of those cute little Flickr widgets on the blog, and we can all have a good ogle at other people’s work.

2 thoughts on “A New Flickr Group for Very Berry

  1. Yes, a good idea! I’ve actually made a few of your bits over the last couple of years! I’ve found a pic of the crocheted rabbit, but must have deleted the bowl and flower, next time I have the camera out I’ll take a new piccie and post them up x

  2. Great idea….I made the apple and banana bread recipe a couple of weeks ago – it actually worked! (bread recipes usually don’t like me!) but er…I forgot to take a photo, d’uh. I’ll try harder next time.

    Visit my blog – Sew Ray Me

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