Parcels and Packages

I’ve had lots of lovely post in the last few of days…  First of all, all my goodies for hand quilting my finished quilt top have arrived from the Cottonpatch – I’ve got a big hoop, some perle cotton, new needles, thimbles, bendy safety pins…  I was all excited about getting going, then I remembered that I hadn’t sewn the back yet – doh!!  And I have to get my wadding out and let if fluff up a bit – so I’ll be waiting until the weekend to really get going. Exciting!

Then, yesterday morning my Scrappy Fabric Swap parcel arrived from the very fabulous and generous Flaming Nora. This is what I saw when I peeped into first parcel:

Very Berry Fabric Scrap swap from Flaming Nora

Wow! I was blown away – such beautiful fabrics, just my kind of colours and designs, and FN had labelled each piece with a little story about where the fabric came from – just lovely & I really appreciated the thought. Here’s a closer a look at just some of the fabrics:


I also got some gorgeous scraps of embroidery, crochet and other trims, and some scrummy buttons, and a pretty little handmade heart:

Very Berry Scrappy Fabric Swap parcel from Flaming NoraVery Berry Scrappy Fabric Swap parcel from Flaming Nora


Aren’t I the luckiest…!

Then, yesterday, at teatime (as we call it round here) I got a couple of lovely books from New Holland Publishers for me to review. I got Love … Quilting and Love …Crochet – at first glance they are both looking like really good additions to a crafty library… but will be doing proper reviews over the next couple of weeks.

And to cap it all off this morning I got a fabbo parcel from one of my favourite shops (yarn AND fabric – yay!) Hulu Crafts. I wanted to get the new Stitch Magazine for Spring (which is absolutely packed with brilliant stuff), and I sort of slipped and ended up buying this La Petite Ecole Jelly Roll. It’s so very very charming, and a cushion cover is already under way. I think I’ll try some strippy placemats too. Suddenly feeling newly inspired!

Speaking of which, thanks everyone so much for your feedback on my last post – it was so nice to have people interested in what I’m up to. Poor Sandy tries, but now he’s been told he’s not to say ‘that’s nice’ every time I show him something, he is struggling a bit…


6 thoughts on “Parcels and Packages

  1. My post this week was also about mail (received and sent)! One disadvantage of trying to use repurposed materials though is not receiving parcels of lovely quilting supplies in the post like yours – I do get wadding from Cotton Patch though! I make up for it by getting used or left-over supplies from ebay and from entering on-line groups like your scrap swap. Your parcel looks great btw and what a lovely touch labelling all the fabrics. After seeing that, I’m worried that my scraps were too ‘scrappy’ (although I did stick to the rules)!
    Teresa x

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