Good grief this has been hard work to organise and I now have *total respect* for people who manage those enormous craft swaps with about 400 participants!

Anyhow it’s all the matching up of partners for the scrap swap is done now, and everyone should have had an email from me telling you who you are sending to – if you haven’t had an email PLEASE get in touch asap.  Partners have been assigned randomly and bear in mind that you aren’t sending to the same person that you are receiving from…!

Here’s the final list, with blogs (where you’ve given me the details – again, if I’ve missed something, let me know!) – it would be lovely if people could have an explore, and pop round and visit other folks’ blogs.

Ellen, The Frog Princess is sending to Helen J

Helen J is sending to Sarah

Sarah, Pings & Needles is sending to Isabel

Isabel is sending to Rose

Rose, So Resourceful is sending to Tracey

Tracey, TeePee Quilts is sending to Helen F

Helen F, Hollie-in-Bloom is sending to Linda

Linda is sending to Abi

Abi, Picky Miss is sending to Sally

Sally, Sally’s Crafty Corner is sending to Teresa

Teresa, A Time for Stitching is sending to Jenny

Jenny, Gingerbread House is sending to Nikki

Nikki, Sew Quine Stitches is sending to Ellen

Margaret, Slack Stitches is sending to Emma

Emma, Life according to Mrs Shilts is sending to Helen P

Helen P, Find a Happy Place is sending to Shelley

Shelley, The Mermaid’s Purse is sending to Amanda

Amanda, Kitschy Coo is sending to Izabela

Izabela, Isamo Crochet is sending to Becky

Becky, Hazel and Blue is sending to Linnhe

Linnhe, Wee Mindings is sending to Jane P

Jane P, Hooked Yarn is sending to Janet

Janet, Caribou Crossing Chronicles is sending to Jane G

Jane G, Flaming Nora is sending to Me

I am sending to Aliza

Aliza, Seams so Easy is sending to Laura

Laura, Made in Oxford is sending to Emma T

Emma T, It’s all About the Fabric is sending to Helen W

Helen W, Undomesticated Scientist is sending to Gina

Gina is sending to Ruth

Ruth, Recrafted is sending to Margaret


Speaking of swaps – I owe a big thank you to Lisa of noodleBubble blog for organising a Heart swap for Valentines day. I’ve had a lot of fun with it – my recipient Clare lives in Florida, but by utter coincidence we discovered that she grew up here in North Staffordshire……spooky….! Here’s what I made for Clare – no one can say that I didn’t stick to the heart theme!

Heart Pouch

30.01.2011 - couple of brooches made for a Valentines swap

I just heard yesterday that she’d received her parcel, and that she liked everything. Then this morning I received a gorgeous parcel of goodies from Hannah of Bubble Bay Designs. I am so delighted with everything (there was some chocolate too, but that didn’t make it to the photography stage ;-)), it’s wonderful. Hannah has done some blog stalking and noticed my love of grey and yellow, and Denyse Schmidt, and has made me this glorious heart shaped pouch.

Lovely swap goodies from Bubble Bay designs


Thank you so much Hannah – it’s so lovely! February is turning out to be a pretty cheery month after all.

Happy swapping everyone!

20 thoughts on “Swaperoony!

  1. I received glorious fabric and some handmade bias binding from hollie-in-bloom. Thank you so much. WHEN is the next swap!!!

  2. I’ve just put my parcel together and will post it later today, but having looked at Tracey’s website I feel a bit nervous, she’s a professional!

    Thanks again for organising this.

  3. Thank you for organising, I am so pleased to be involved in this veryberry swap. I will have a sort out over the wkd and post it on Monday. Im going to vist a few of the other blogs and have a look!

  4. Well done you – I can imagine the work involved. I would have loved to take part but am a bit overwhelmed with my Mum at the mo. Love your heart swaps – I have a thing about hearts so I am sorry to have missed that too!!

  5. Yes, thanks for doing this! This is only my second swap ever, and I must say I’m loving this swap malarkey. Posted my package to Sally today, how organised is that! I looked at her blog, and we’re both currently working on Streetfighter themed crafts, what a weird coincidence 🙂

    1. That is a coincidence! I also noticed that 2 of the swappers have newish babies of a very similar age.. and of course, 4 of the swappers have the same name! Well done you for getting your parcel in the post already, I’ll update my list. Might be worth contacting your partner (if you haven’t already) to let them know to expect your parcel. 😀

  6. Well done for getting this together and thank you. Looking forward to having a rummage and receiving my package. I’ve already popped over to my swapper and swappee’s blogs for a visit!
    Teresa x

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