Business v Pleasure

I’ve been making a batch of needle books this week.  I decided to experiment with making several at once, to see if it was quicker… but to be honest I don’t think I’ve speeded up the process at all – mainly because of the number of times that I had to change the colour thread in my sewing machine! Of course, the obvious thing to do is to make several using the same fabric and thread, but that is just so dull… The pleasure of experimenting with putting different fabrics & buttons together is one of the main reasons I make these, and it’s hard to make a change to a more efficient process…. Anyhow, these are the four that I finished off today:

Some needle books


There’s another 4 to come, and hopefully I’ll get them finished and all 8 of them listed on Folksy & Misi tomorrow.  There’s lots of recycled & thrifted materials in the mix here – the blue denim fabric is actually part of the 4″ I recently cut of the bottom of a pair of jeans to shorten them!  I really like the way that things have come together – the one at the front is my favourite so far – I love that Michale Miller fabric (it’s called Ellie if you’re interested in that sort of thing).

I’m really excited that there’s now quite a few people signed up to take part in the Very Berry Scrap Swap – I think it’s going to be fun. You can sign up any time before 8th February if you’re interested in bringing a bit of new life to your stash.

6 thoughts on “Business v Pleasure

  1. I tried the very same thing, it’s heartening to hear I’m not the only one it didn’t work for. As far as making several using the same fabric is concerned – that’s what production lines are for!
    Stick to your methods, the results are fabulous.

  2. I really love those corduroy tabs. There’s something about the two textures together that makes me want to reach into my screen and open them up! Michael Miller fabrics are rapidly becoming my favourites – such wonderful colours.

  3. Sounds like the perfect excuse to buy at least one more sewing machine… black thread in one, white in another… you see where this is going…?!

    LOVE the needle books, very cute!

    Janie x

    1. Thanks so much. I like the idea of lots of sewing machines, but not so much the idea of clearing them from the dining room table before we eat every evening. Oh, hang on, this might be the fantasy world where I have a studio too??

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