Hollie-in-Bloom Giveaway Winner


I’ve just made the draw for the Hollie-in-Bloom giveaway.  I assigned every comment, every FB follow & every tweet a number and then used Random.org’s number generator to make the draw for me. The number drawn was number 116, which I had assigned to Katie’s comment:

Ooh those look lovely – so far I’ve made a dress for dd1 but dd2′s is sadly lagging so maybe I could get away without doing it myself :)

For 2011, making it to the end with everyone intact and a year older and (hopefully!) easier to handle would be good – with 3 under 5′s you need achievable goals :) Sewing wise, making some of the clothes to go with ds’s rag doll is next on the list, and I have grand ambitions for homemade party bags and crocheted pass-the-parcel gifts for the girls’ birthday parties – but with less than 3 months to go we’ll wait and see on that one!


Congratulations to Katie – I’ll be in touch! And thank you to everyone who took part – I hope to have news of another giveaway very soon.

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