Storage nightmares

Family upheavals mean that we’ve got even less space than usual at the moment. We’ve lost our study on a temporary basis and so Sandy and I are sharing work space in our living room just now. Look at the state of some of my craft storage:

Craft storage nightmare

All those shoe boxes contain buttons, embroidery threads, ribbons, bias binding, crochet cottons, machine needles and all the other stuff that’s so essential to my crafting life.  And then there’s my library of craft books and magazines that don’t quite fit on the shelves…  You can just see the completed blocks of my crazy nine-patch quilt on the top shelf – they really should be put away safely – but where?

Even if I had a decent workspace there are some things that I can never get my head round how to store. Tiny scraps of fabric, short lengths of ribbon, partially-used stranded embroidery thread, small balls of yarn (why do they always end up in a tangled mess no matter how careful you are with them?!) are all becoming intractable problems for me.  So whilst I was browsing the craft publishers C&T’s new spring catalogue tonight, I was really delighted to see that they have an upcoming book that could help me with at least some of my storage problems (moving house would probably be the best solution…).


Only problem is, as it doesn’t come out in the USA until April, I may have an annoyingly long wait. What are your top inexpensive storage tips?


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Gorgeous dress from Hollie-in-Bloom



8 thoughts on “Storage nightmares

  1. I have the same storage woes as you. My father in law is in the process of building floor to ceiling shelves for my craft room. The project won’t be done and in place until March but I’ll share pictures when it’s finished.

  2. Storage of all our crafty paraphernalia is such a problem! I’m afraid I haven’t got any magic solutions. All I can think of is ‘segregate and label’ by which I mean, do what you already are and, store like-with-like and label everything. I moved a lot more stuff out into my shed before Christmas but just keep going back out there to bring bits and pieces back in!
    Teresa x

    1. I have some storage upstairs which I am supposed to use for infrequently needed stuff. I must be doing something wrong because I always end up having to go and get something half way through a project. Always very annoying!

  3. After a craft fair I usually don’t feel like cooking so inevitable indulge in a take away from the local Chinese or Indian. The little plastic tubs everything comes in are invaluable. I used them to store buttons, thread,ribbon, small pieces of fabric, etc .etc. They stack really well, taking up less space than shoe boxes and being plastic means I can easily see what’s inside ,but nothing uninvited can get in to them ( there have been incidents of local field mice helping themselves to my stash for bedding! )
    I can also recommend Ikea’s cardboard magazine files. An inexpensive way to store magazines, clippings and even books that keeps your shelves looking tidy.

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