Committing to a blanket…

I’m always a bit loathe to admit to a big project on Very Berry because then I’m sort of stuck with it… I’ve already committed to a big quilt for 2011, and now this project is being added to the mix.

Crazy Granny Blanket

I’ve started a crochet blanket so that I can use up some of the bits and bobs of wool & wool mix yarn that I’ve bought for various amigurumi projects. I’ve been wanting to have a go at a Babette Blanket ever since I saw the gorgeous examples on Flickr.  You can read more about the Babette Blanket & its designer, Kathy Merrick, over at Purl Bee.

I love the mismatched square sizes and the bright colours of the finished blankets – fabulous, and just right for this time of year when it makes sense to surround yourself with loads of bright colours. But, because I haven’t got a massive amount of yarn, I decided to use a traditional granny square pattern, and I’m joining my squares as I go, because I blooming hate sewing squares together. I expect that this is going to cause me no end of problems later on when I try and get an rectangular shape, but am sure I’ll solve the that somehow.  Here’s what I’ve got so far – pretty scary colours, but I’m hoping they’ll look less over the top as I make more squares (and find some more colours in my stash!).


A Little Fabric Update

Leah at has put her fabric selling on hold, whilst she has some maternity leave.  So she is currently selling off her fabrics at huge discounts – so pop round there right now to get a great bargain whilst you can.  But don’t worry, is still open selling lovely haberdashery and patterns, and Leah hopes to be selling fabric again soon – sign up for her newsletter so that you’ll be the first to know about it.


4 thoughts on “Committing to a blanket…

  1. The blanket is going to look great! I have been meaning to do the same with all the bits of yarn that I have left (and a few full balls that I never came around to use them). Dont worry about bright colours, as you said, we need something a bit more cheerful that the dull sky that we have seem in the last few days.

    Keep us posted with lots of pictures!

  2. Ooh you are brave!! I sometimes think about committing to a project or resolution on my blog like finishing a quilt or having a stall at a craft fair but chicken out quite quickly because I’d be so disappointed if it didn’t happen (and I can’t foresee how I could manage it in a set time).
    Your crochet looks lovely – I’d like to bet that this will be finished before the quilt because it’s so easy to pick up and do a bit whenever…..

  3. I think as a nation we have grown too afraid of colour. I say go for it , what you have so far looks great to me. Just wish I could crochet……. ah well,one of these days :o)

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