Starting my crazy nine-patch

First crazy nine-patch blocksSo, in keeping with my New Year plan, my first big quilt has been started. I’ve decided to use Crazy Nine-Patch Lattice Quilt pattern which you can find on the inspirational quilting blog – Oh, Fransson!. I was attracted to this because the patchwork blocks can be made up very quickly (with lots of clever cutting) and the crazy design means that it doesn’t matter too much if my seams don’t match! Good thing too – don’t look at the photograph too closely…!

The fabrics I’ve used for these blocks (starting from the yellow patch & round in a clockwise spiral) are:

Thistle Leaf (Piney Wood) – Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt
Cactus Calico (New Day) – Hope Valley
Four Square (New Day) – Hope Valley
Farmdale Blossom (Gray) – Alexander Henry
Diamond Dandy (New Day) – Hope Valley
Wall Flower (New Day) – Hope Valley
Esther (Camel) – Michael Miller
Prairie Rose (New Day)- Hope Valley
Ellie (Amber) –  Michael Miller

My fabric filingI’m wondering about taking advantage of the Ray Stitch 20% off sale to get some fabric for the plain blocks and the backing fabric that I’m going to need.  I was thinking that the lovely dove grey available here might be just right.

I am absolutely determined to keep a good track of the fabrics that I’ve used for this project (and future projects) so I’ve started to make index swatch cards to keep track of them (see photograph). What I can’t decide is how to store the cards, it seems daft to store them alphabetically by name of pattern, when it’s the name of the pattern that I’m bound to be looking for. I’m thinking that some sort of arrangement by colour and style would be best – we shall see!


Lovely boys in new crocheted scarvesI  just wanted to share with this lovely picture of our lads (look at their lovely apple-cheeks..) wearing their Christmas hats and Christmas scarves. I crocheted the scarves over a couple of evenings using the brilliant pattern suggestion from Clara’s Crochet Room. Thank you Clara – it was very quick and easy to do – which was a bonus in the hectic last week before Christmas.

The yarn I’ve used is the Sublime Chunky Merino Tweed (I got it from the excellent Hulu Crafts) in Tartan & Camper (great, but very non-descriptive colour names eh?!) – it’s extremely pleasant to crochet with and very soft to wear.

I didn’t make the hats – which were a present from Grandma and are so popular that they have been worn in bed several times!



6 thoughts on “Starting my crazy nine-patch

  1. If this weather keeps up I may well start wearing a hat in bed! Lovely rosy cheeked lads – you must be very proud!
    What a brilliant idea to log your fabrics – so often I find a fragment and long for more but with no chance of even starting out on the trail. Oh! Fransson is inspiring isn’t she. Not sure if you know, but seams are much easier to line up if the seams are pressed in opposite directions – then they ‘lock’ together! Sorry if I’m teaching grandma to suck eggs – whatever that means!!

  2. Good luck with the quilt. I still have a quillow waiting for its backing fabric to be attached, it’s been waiting for nearly 15 years, perhaps this year will be the one : )

  3. Ooh, I love the blocks! Thank you for the link – on of my still-to-come Christmas presents is a quilting ruler, rotary cutter and mat, so I now know what my first project is going to be 🙂

  4. The boys look spectacular in their scarves! All rosy cheeked , healthy and handsome. Thank you for the mention. I’m glad you did try the scarf and it is quick and easy and looks great on the boys. How wonderful!

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