Dashing around..

Recycled gift wrap

I’m feeling full of Christmas excitement.  We’ve even put pictures up that we haven’t got round to sorting in the 3 years since we moved here, just so that we can put more holly and ivy everywhere!  Our house is looking so wonderfully Christmassy – it’s gorgeous. The tree looks so beautiful, twinkling and sparkling with all our lovingly collected decorations.

I’ve been off doing some last minute stocking-filler present shopping (the best kind) today, and I even saw some reindeer (they were munching away, clearly getting all prepared for their hard work later in the week).

Sandy’s currently downstairs bottling all our various fruit liqueurs for our present giving, and I’ve been working on some ideas for lovely labels to add to the bottles. I’ve also been doing a little bit of wrapping, using ideas that I’ve linked to in my Christmas craft tutorial series.

So here’s my Toast Sale Catalogue recycled to make gift bags using this tutorial and this one for gift bows both from How About Orange – a huge thank you to Jessica, the keeper of this brilliant blog, for all her great ideas. I adapted the gift bag measurements so they fit our liqueur bottles very accurately – I’m rather pleased with the result, and I’m going to make a couple more this evening.

Then tomorrow I’m planning a full day in the kitchen – making mince pies, chocolate fudge and starting to make my favourite Pfeffernusse biscuits from the fabulous corner of the internet called Christmas Baking with Susie J.


Today’s Christmas Craft Inspiration

If you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t got much time to be thinking about too much more crafting before Christmas – I’ll have enough on my plate finishing off the projects I have in hand, as well as getting on top of the cleaning and baking that needs to happen before Christmas Eve. But, I’m still very happy to look at other people’s wonderfully creative ideas and think ‘maybe next year…’.  Just today I happened across a a wonderful online magazine called Gifted, put together by Ez, the writer of a fabulous blog called Creature Comforts. It’s packed with loads of gorgeous ideas, and well worth a drool over. Enjoy!


Cute kids…

And just as a little P.S.  I thought I’d share one of my little boy’s pearls of wisdom today…. we were discussing the Christmas story, and Tom announced ‘Jesus’ mum and dad are Mario and Joseph’… (that’s the Nativity sponsored by Nintendo for you!).


2 thoughts on “Dashing around..

  1. Little gems don’t always come from the smallest of mouths. After accompanying us to the Watchnight service for 4 years my step dad said he wouldn’t be going again. When asked why not he said he found it a bit boring, it was the same thing every year!

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