Decorations and Memories

Our Christmas tree is now up and decorated in the usual riot of colour and memories. I can never quite understand the point of doing ‘tasteful’ trees to a strict colour scheme, and the thought of ditching your old decs for some themed new set seems to miss the point.

One of the great things about putting up our tree is remembering when we got all the decorations. The egg-shaped decoration at the top is one we’ve had for a long time, from a pre-Christmas shopping trip to Bath.

From the same shop, but a year later, we decided we could just about afford to treat ourselves to this handsome chap:

We try to add one or two new things to the tree each year. This year, our new decorations are kind of old-new. We’re now in a post-Woolworths world, so these little time travellers bring all kinds of memories with them, even though they’re new to us. Here’s the bright, confident box:

and the baubles within:

It’s always good to have a go at making at least some of your decorations. When we were little, we produced rather ropey looking snowmen & Father Christmases using the innards of toilet rolls. And of course many of our little craft tips we’ve been including will produce lovely things to put on the tree or around the rooms.

This year is the first we’ve got a bunch of mistletoe in the house and I nipped out into the snowy garden to get some more greenery together. Together with the offcuts from the tree, I just about managed to turn them into an approximation of a ‘kissing bunch’, the decoration which was typical of English homes from the seventeenth or eighteenth century onwards.

Sadly, none of our holly has berries but, even without the occasional splash of red, and kept simple, the greenery looks pretty good and quite dramatic hanging from the hall ceiling. We promise not to ambush visitors with demands for kisses…

A kissing bough is presumably what’s referred to in this rather grisly Christmas tune. A kind of pre-TV companion to the stern warnings of public information films, in this case of the grim dangers contained in a game of hide and seek…

It’s a song which is just one of those on our spiffing folky Spotify playlist, by the way:

A Folktastic Xmas

2 thoughts on “Decorations and Memories

  1. This has been one of my biggest regrets of moving to America, not bringing my Christmas decorations. I just thought I’ll buy some whilst we’re here but it’s not the same as unpacking all the ones you’ve collected over the years. At least we’ll have something to look forward to when we get home. Although secretly I’m quite liking my colour co-ordinated tree this year and gave me a chance to make some decorations for me for a change.

  2. I try and buy a new decoration every year too, just hope I’ll always have enough space for them! I give the boys a decoration every year in their stocking, that way when they have a place on their own they won’t have to start from scratch and can have some memories for their own tree

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