The 13th – Lucky for Some!

Fabric Loft Interview and Giveaway

One of the fun things about compiling  & updating the Fabric Love list of UK online fabric shops has been getting to know some of the entrepreneurs who are working hard to meet our fabric & haberdashery needs… (which means working very hard!). There are some brilliant shops out there, but like everyone, I have favourites, and The Fabric Loft is one of mine.  The Fabric Loft’s founder is Lizzet Belcher, and she has very kindly agreed to answer some questions about her business and her future fabric plans – I really hope you enjoy reading the interview.

Lizzet has also offered a brilliant GIVEAWAY prize:


A voucher for £13 to spend on fabric from The Fabric Loft


A lovely book – Make Me I’m Yours – Simply Sewing


Read on to end of the interview to find out how to enter…

City Weekend Fabric - Oliver and SHow long has The Fabric Loft been up and running for and how are you enjoying it so far?
The Fabric Loft went live towards the end of April 2010. It is a fairly new shop, but the response has been fantastic so far. I am truly enjoying running the shop, seeing new collections coming in, working surrounded by such gorgeous fabrics and being in contact with talented crafters is in my opinion one of the best jobs anyone can have.

What inspired you to open your own online fabric shop?
This might not be the answer people expect, but whilst on a short break in Belgium, me and my husband walked into a fabric shop (to be more accurate, I walked in dragging him with me), it was not a big shop, but it was full of fabrics from floor to ceiling and the lady working there had such a big smile and a happy aura, and that pushed me to finally turn all my dreams and ideas into a reality.

What’s your crafting story? What are your favourite things to make?
I love crafts in general, I love making things and see how a ball of yarn slowly turns into a crocheted bear or a pile of fabric scraps into a beautiful quilt. When I was a child, I always did some sort of craft, cross stitch, papier-mâché, knitting, crochet, etc. For some reason I stopped when I went to University, but came back to it a few years ago, and now I find I get frustrated if I don’t have a creative outlet.

I am really enjoying making clothes and slowly learning patchwork. I must confess it is a great moral boost when I successfully make a little something, like a small purse or a little doll. I would definitely recommend to have at hand a few small and quick projects to make on one of those days that you feel a bit under the weather, the sense of achievement when you finish something (even if it is a bit wonky) can turn a bad day into a great one, try it 🙂

Who is your favourite designer?
My favourite designer? It will be easier to pick my favourite ice cream flavour! For me it all depends in what I am making, for patchwork and quilting I am in love with Oliver+S first collection City Weekend. Anna Maria Horner’s voiles from Innocent Crush is a must have for me, I am hoping to get some early in the new year, I have lots of ideas in my mind of what to do with them (a blouse and a maxi dress are at the top of my list). I can also see Aneela Hoey turning into everybody’s favourite in 2011.

What are the fun things about running a fabric shop?
I could write a list as long as War and Peace about the best things about running a shop. The greatest thing is to see how the same fabric can be turn into a quilt, or a bag, a skirt, or even a hoody jacket; not by me of course, but by my clever customers. I also enjoy helping choosing fabrics too, and discovering how two fabrics by different designers that I would have never put together do work and complement each other as if they had been created to be used together.

What are the tough things about running your own business?
Because my business is online, one difficult thing is not to have that contact with customers than a bricks and mortar shop has. Saying that, maybe it is a good thing, because I would probably be talking about fabrics and crafts all day long and would get very little done.

Do you have future ambitions for The Fabric Loft?
Of course I do! And these are tied in with the ambitious of all the crafty people out there. The UK market is growing at an amazing rate and many people are discovering or remembering that they have a creative side too. I try to keep up to date with fabric trends and find that the feedback I get from my customers gives a great insight into what is going on in the crafting world.

Whatever the market demands, I will try to stock in my shop, and if not too busy I also use it myself to make my own things.

What’s the favourite thing you’ve got in stock right now?
Yet another tough question! City Weekend is fun and brilliant for quilting/lightweight fabric, the corduroys are ever so soft and have a beautiful shine that is hard to resist and the flannels are another must have fabric during this season, because they are not only super soft and warm, but with such fantastic designs you will want the cold winter nights to last so that you don’t have to pack them away when the weather warms up again; that is until you see the new cotton fabrics I have lined up for next year!!

The Giveaway…

**To enter please leave a comment on this Very Berry blog post telling us which fabric you would be tempted to buy from The Fabric Loft if you were the lucky winner.

**If you are a follower of The Fabric Loft on Facebook you are eligible for an additional entry – but make sure you tell us here!

**The prize is a £13 voucher to spend at The Fabric Loft and Make Me I’m Yours – Simply Sewing.

**The competition is only open to people from the UK and Europe, please don’t enter if you’re outside this area.

**The giveaway will remain open until midnight on 19th December – the draw will be made and the winner announced on the 20th December.


46 thoughts on “The 13th – Lucky for Some!

  1. Thanks for the Giveaway! I’m in love with the Dandelion Fabric from Patty Young’s Flora & Fauna line, and I spotted it in aqua at The Fabric Loft

  2. I think I would choose the lovely Farmers Market-Apple Dot-Spring to make my daughter an apron for her new kitchen!
    I’m a follower on F/book

  3. Ohhh most definitely Elvira- Toffee, ahhh but then it could be Cafe Mocha in Red. Either would make a great trim on a skirt!

  4. Currently it’s Roses in Turquoise – Bundle
    Love but that’s subject to change without notice 😉

    I’ve bookmarked your shop and am coming back…

  5. Ooops sorry! Pressed the wrong button there…

    I absolutely love the Going Dotty Bundle, its gorgeous! Am hoping to start quilting in the new year and this would be just perfect 🙂

  6. What a difficult choice. At the moment I think I would be tempted by Botanica – Springs in Cream, but I could have changed my mind by tomorrow.

  7. I think I’d go for the ‘Love – Tumble Roses – Pink’, as I just love florals and this is adorable! Maybe a skirt or cute summer dress? 🙂
    Oh and I’m a follower on Facebook too!
    Ashley x

  8. I’ve been scrolling through the quilting cottons saying “that one”…”no, that one”…”that one”!! I’ve managed to narrow it down to the Farmers Market apple dot, Flora & Fauna dandelion (turquoise), Kona pomegranate or Remix summer…or something from Central Park by Kate Spain…if I win I’ll have some umming and ahing to do! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I love the look of Sophie Flannel – Summer in Chocolate – would be a fab pair of “lounging pants”!

    I am a follower on facebook too!

  10. I’d choose the Baby Bear Hugs Flannel – Grid and Dots in Pastel Blue. Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  11. I’ve just come over from Fabric Loft. I love your fabric list, I’m going to bookmark it, and it will be very useful (and will no doubt absorb lots of time as I check out all the shops I haven’t discovered so far).
    I would choose Kinkame’s Toy Poodle in blue. What a great giveaway.

  12. I would buy the Sophie Flannel – Summer in Chocolate, i am in the process of making vintage rabbits and i think the dress would be lovely made of this fabric, huggy and touchy 🙂
    F/B follower

  13. Well…..if I had to make just one choice….I would probably plump for Farmers Market – Apple Dot….and I would sit and stare lovingly at it until I could bring myself to cut it up (a frequent issue I have with fabric!!)

  14. If I had to pick just one I´d buy any fabric from City Weekend, or Amy Butler, or Michael Miller, or… I don´t know!!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway. Lizzet and her shop are the best, good luck to her.

  15. Hi, if I was to win, I’d definitely be buying some of the City Weekend fabric, I think!
    Thanks for such a lovely giveaway.

  16. Hi! The Little Menagerie (coming soon) would be perfect for making things for my little monkey’s bedroom (he’s 15 months!).

    I’m also a follower on facebook.

  17. Ooooh, that’s tricky, there are so many nice ones!
    I do love the Botanica large floral the most though!

    I’m a follower on FB!

  18. Ohhh, this competition is almost cruel. Can’t decide which one i like the most but absolutely love the cafe mocha bundle, farmers market apple dot and Elvira Toffee.
    But i’m also in love with all the stripes and polka dots…

  19. The Cafe Mocha in Red is my favourite fabric from the site. I couldn’t tell you why – it’s just the one I lingered to look at the longest (and I’m not normally drawn to red so it must be the design that attracted me).
    Teresa x

  20. Elvira – Toffee. i love this one and have ooogled it for ages. i follow on facebook too. think i might go for a pattern though if i won, fancy the little wrap skirt for my tiny girlly! finger crossed

  21. Ooooh, summer in chocolate to make a cosy, snuggly blanket from my daughter with, or the gorgeous moulin rouge bundle – for me!

  22. I’m a follower of fabric loft on facebook and just love the city weekend collection!…I can see it being my first quilt of the new year!

  23. I’m such a fan of The Fabric Loft, and am now a follower on Facebook.

    For me, it would have to be the Cafe Mocha in red. The colours just jump out of the fabric, they’re so wonderfully vibrant.

  24. I’m now a FB follower 🙂
    I’d either go for grapite corduroy or Dolce Glamour Multi. I’d try my hand at a skirt with either.

  25. I love the Bite Me – Micheal Miller – Lime fabric, that or the Cafe Mocha bundle, both gorgeous and great fun! I think I would try to make a great patchwork bag for my daughter with either.
    I am a fan of Fabric Loft on facebook!

  26. i’m already a follower on facebook 🙂

    I love the City Weekend – Cafe Dot in Turquoise and also the graphite corduroy, oh and also Baby Bear Hugs Flannel – Grid and Dots in Pastel Blue mmmmm….. all very nice.

  27. I’m a follower on facebook!
    Such gorgeous fabric. I think my favourite is Farmers Market – Geometric – Fuschia. Loving the Animal backpacks too

  28. I love the Hedgehogs and Flowers bundle.

    I’m not sure what I would make with it though cos I’m not sure I could bring myself to cut into it.

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