Very Berry Christmas Trees

I thought it was time to share a Christmas tutorial of my own.. These trees are really simple and satisfying to make – you can let your imagination run riot with the embellishments you use. And of course there’s no reason why you need to keep to the traditional green and brown for your base colours…

  • You will need:
    Green felt (13x11cm)
    Brown felt (9X3cm)
    Sewing/embroidery thread
    Needle & pins
    Small quantity of stuffing material
    String/ribbon for hanging
    Beads, buttons, ric-rac, ribbon etc for embellishment


  • Cut your piece of green felt into 2 triangles with 2 long sides measuring 10cm and the short side measuring 7cm.
  • You can get creative straight away! Sew your chosen Christmassy embellishments on one of the triangular pieces of green felt. Ric-rac, ribbons, buttons, beads & bits of fabric all look fantastic, or you could embroider them, or use fabric pens to create a decoration with a style that’s all yours.  Once you’re all done with your decorating, put the front section to one side until later.

Hand sewn felt Christmas tree tutorial step 1

  • Take your hanging string or ribbon in half & tie with a slip knot. Secure this near the apex of the other, undecorated, green felt triangle with a couple of tiny stitches, as shown in the picture below. Fold the piece of brown felt in half and pin to the base of the tree as shown to form the trunk.

Hand sewn felt Christmas tree tutorial step 2

  • Now take the felt piece you decorated earlier and place on top, sandwiching the hanging string and the trunk. You can put a pin through the middle of the tree sandwich to hold everything in place.
  • Thread your needle with 3 strands of embroidery thread and tie a knot in the end. Working from the inside of the tree, take your needle through the top layer of felt & pull the thread through, so that the knot is hidden on the inside.
  • Use a running stitch (in and out stitch) to sew round the edge of the tree. The stitches don’t have to be tiny – different sizes can make a fun variation to the way the tree looks – but remember your stuffing might start to come loose if you make those stitches too big!

step 3

  • About 3 cm before you get back to where you started, push your chosen stuffing into the tree. Use as much or as little as you want to – experiment until you find a look that you like. Give it a poke with a knitting needle or other blunt instrument to get it into the tree corners.
  • Then finish off your sewing and secure the end of thread with a tiny back stitch (basically 2 stitches on top of each other) on the back of the tree.

And you’re done! The great thing is that you can vary the look of these things and experiment to your heart’s content. Why not try different coloured felt or use Christmassy fabric to create a totally different effect? Or you could use the same technique to make little hearts, mittens or Christmas puddings or whatever says Christmas to you.

3 thoughts on “Very Berry Christmas Trees

  1. Another lovely tutorial!! And this one’s your own – very simple but effective once again. Can you stop posting them now – I haven’t had time to make any paper stars or felt baubles yet (only joking)!
    There’s always next year 🙂
    Teresa x

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