As the Snow Melts…

We’re so lucky – we didn’t actually HAVE to go out in the snow over the last week.  My heartfelt sympathies go out to all the people that have had to..    We have given thanks that we could stay at home, be cosy, look at the beautiful snowy scene, and go out and play when we felt like it.

This is the view from upstairs when the snow first started – our neighbours’ oak tree looked so beautiful silhouetted against the late sun.


The scruffiness of our veg patch is slightly disguised by the snow… Shame it will be even more scruffy when the snow melts – and I’m wondering if the last our beetroot will have survived…


This is the same lovely oak tree when we woke up later in the week to a freezing cold morning – I think we recorded -6C on our thermometer at about 9am.


And these are the gorgeous beech trees that we can see from the back of our house. They are stunning all year round, but my goodness they look so wonderful in frosty weather.


Today’s Christmas Craft

pine cone pom pom treesThis isn’t a tutorial so much as a pictorial record of a really excellent idea which I have found on a lovely blog called let’s go fly a kite. I’ll definitely be sitting down with my lads next week to have a go at this idea to make mini Christmas trees using pine cones, pom poms and corks – isn’t this picture from the blog absolutely fantastic!   Although we will have to hope that the weather improves so that we can find some pine cones – no problem with the corks though…    There’s lots more inspiration on this blog, including lots more festive fun, I’ve really enjoyed having a good look round.

Back tomorrow with some fabric shop news and some more craft ideas!

3 thoughts on “As the Snow Melts…

  1. I have to say that one of my favorite things about snow is that it makes the winter garden look so magestic!

    I love your beech trees! I don’t think we have them here on Vancouver Island, but they sure look beautiful in the snow.

    1. Thanks for visiting Very Berry – lovely to meet you – I’ve been enjoying looking at your fascinating blog! The beech trees are gorgeous – it’s one of the great pleasures of living here, they are beautiful all year round.

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