Welcoming the Advent Season

Happy Advent everybody!

We were very pleased and excited to open the 1st door on our advent calendar this morning.  We’ve had a really lovely snowy few days here, so we’re already feeling rather festive.  Danny & Sandy played out in the snow for ages, but Tommy insisted that he is ‘waiting for Spring’! He’s clearly taken our recent project on hibernation very seriously indeed.

On the downside, I have the most rotten toothache and had a rather depressing visit to the dentist this afternoon.  I am trying not to think about the next appointment that I have lined up in a couple of weeks time.  Oh well, at least my teeth will be as good as new by the time that Christmas needs celebrating!

Some really nice news to cheer me up is that my Frothy Crochet Flower pattern is the featured pattern today on a lovely blog called Tangled Happy (great name!).  If you’re a crocheter then this is a really great new resource – a collection of some lovely free crochet patterns from around the web.  Sara’s only just started up, but she’s already has a really useful selection – especially if you have some last minute Christmas gifts to sort out.

Paper Stars
Photo by annekata.com

This December I have a plan to bring you a Christmas craft tutorial from other wonderful craft blogs every day.  I like this plan because it gives me a great reason to search for more beautiful blogs, find lovely inspiration and share my explorations.  My aim is to keep my choices to things that are quick and easy.  First up is this very straightforward tutorial to create paper stars from the beautiful Annekata blog.

The tutorial is very clearly photographed and explained and I think the final result is stunning, although the process itself looks reasonably straightforward. Gorgeous don’t you think?   In fact this blog is gorgeous all over – there are lots of other tutorials to take a look at and lovely posts and photographs to oooh and ahhhh about.   A really starry start to the advent season.

**If you have any simple Christmas craft tutorials that you want to recommend for inclusion in the blog do let us know about them**

A Snippet of Fabric News

Wednesday is officially fabric news day so I’d also like to include a little bit of a fabric update..  If you are crafting with felt this Christmas (and who isn’t?!) then you might like to know about two more UK-based shops that stock lots of gorgeous wool felt sheets.  I am obsessed with wool felt – I think that once you have used the real thing it’s quite hard to go back to the acrylic stuff.  So pop round to Blooming Felt or Felt Folk for gorgeous wool felt sheets in a stunning array of colours – your Christmas tree is going to look wonderful…!


3 thoughts on “Welcoming the Advent Season

  1. Sorry to hear about your toothache – it’s one of the most horrible types of pain! Last week I had to go with my daughter (24y) because she needed an injection for a filling and has never had one before. She was petrified and even had hypnotherapy the day before! All was well in the end (took about 15 mins to persuade her (with a few tears and laughs thrown in) The dentist was very good.
    Thank you very much for showing us the star tute – they’re brilliant and look so easy and effective. I’m definitely going to try and make some before Xmas. The blog looks great too so I’m going to go back to it later for a browse!!
    Teresa x

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