Sewing Traumas

Over at The Fabric Loft, Lizzet has been blogging about the perils of pushing on with a sewing project when you’re really not in a creative mood.. I can relate to her frustrations – so often in those situations things go from bad to worse.  Your seams gets wonky… your thread breaks… you sew wrong sides together instead of right sides, you run out of bobbin thread in the middle of a complicated bit…    The lesson, as Lizzet says, is to take a break and come back to your project later.

I’ve had to do that lately – I was really struggling with a complicated bit of sewing construction – my hair was getting greyer and greyer and I was hating sewing more and more.  It took me a while to realise it, but I needed a complete break.

I am really lucky because I can always turn to crochet when I’m feeling hacked off with other stuff – it’s always far more relaxing.    So I’ve been hooking up some amigurumi body parts (just waiting for some eyes to come now so I can finish them off) and working out some ideas for crochet snowflakes.

Hand-crocheted cowl in Colinette Point 5I also completed this cowl/ scarflette/ neckwarmer /collar.  What do you think of it?  It’s knitted with chunky, slubby yarn (Colinette Point 5 – gorgeous stuff), in a faux rib pattern. Isn’t the button cute?  I got it from Ray Stitch, and it’s made by people employed by a Fair Trade project in South Africa called Injabulo – there’s tons to choose from.

I am wondering if people would actually wear something like this  – it’s extremely cosy, but is it better to have lots of scarf to keep you warm?  Should I give up on this and turn it into a chunky ribbed cushion instead??

Arty Pencil CaseI finally returned to my sewing machine this afternoon and picked up one of the projects that went pretty disastrously wrong last week.   After a considerable amount of unpicking, it’s all now done to my satisfaction.

This applique is about reclaiming your inner arty-ness – something we all need to do now and again.  The applique fabrics are from Kate Spain’s Verna collection for Moda, and the base fabric is one of Ray Stitch’s lovely crossweave cottons.

Now it’s all done I’m thinking maybe it was worth the pain! I’m just glad it was fixable – the worst times are those when you keep going like a crazy woman and waste a load of fabric as well as time..

What do you do when you are struggling with a project that just wont come together?



7 thoughts on “Sewing Traumas

  1. So been there!!! Last week I was struggling with a three-part foundation pieced star quilt block – unpicking, recutting, never reaching acceptable, let alone perfection! I did something else for a few days, and today tried again – everything worked like a You-Tube tutorial! Sometimes, depending on how calm I feel I do plough on, but I do find a breather (even of several days) works wonders!
    Love the lettered purses!

  2. I absolutely know exactly how you feel, I sit sometimes with the same project and instead of giving up and taking a break I try and try and then end up so stressed that I am almost steaming. Self control, something I am slowly having to learn, unless I am willing to throw more time away, which I can’t afford. It is a hard one though, as often I just ‘want to get it done’, but the end result is then never as I would like and I end up unpicking it anyway. Ho Hum, the good old saying of a stitch in time…comes into my head, and knowing when things go wrong for me – I must put it down and walk away!

  3. Hi!
    I am so glad that I am not on my own on this one! I am certainly going to stop next time I get stock again (as I am sure it will happen once or twice). I do a bit of crochet and knitting so I am going to follow your example and turn to another craft to clear my mind.
    The cowl is great and I think that it will certainly be something very wearable 🙂 and I love the contrasting colours of the case with the natural main colour!

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