What’s for Breakfast?

When I was kid I rarely ate breakfast – it was widely held view amongst all of us girls at school that breakfast made you fat (really it was more likely the 2 Mars Bars and a packet of crisps for lunch that did that).  Nowadays breakfast is really important to my whole family.  I don’t like to snack between meals so breakfast has to be filling, and more than that, the prospect of a good breakfast is likely to get me out of bed with a bit of a spring in my step.  My boys like it because it’s their opportunity to eat copious quantities of honey and Nutella…

Top 5 Breakfasts at our house…

Buttermilk Breakfast Buns

Staffordshire Black dry cure bacon (from Maynards Farm in Shropshire) and fried eggs (definitely a big treat and as such, a rare occurrence!).

Sourdough toast with homemade jam

House Granola with milk and sliced banana

Buttermilk Breakfast Buns with homemade marmalade

Sourdough pancakes with Nutella (recipe for sourdough pancakes coming soon)

I’ve just added the recipe for Buttermilk Breakfast Buns to the Very Berry Our Recipes section.  As you can see, they are lovely soft scones, and they are absolutely delicious – very soft and melt-in-the-mouth.  They keep better than normal scones too.

During the week we mostly have toast, granola or yogurt, but at the weekends we’ll always have at least one of the other 3 breakfasts in the top 5.   We’d love to hear what your top weekend breakfast is – let us know and share your recipes…

12 thoughts on “What’s for Breakfast?

  1. top breakfast around here is probably pancakes and bacon… but i love blueberry muffins… or cheddar and ham muffins … and I make a pretty good breakfast fritatta too!

  2. Breakfast is very important to me. I can’t move without breakfast.

    Usual daily quick, low GI, keep me going type breakfast is hummus on sourdough toast. Feeling sorry for myself, no sleep, don’t think I’ll survive the day type breakfast is dippy eggs and soldiers. Weekend treat is bacon sarnies – much experimenting to find the perfact bread for this. Birthday/Christmas breakfast is usually smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast. Fruit breads, panettones, HXBs get made but more often eaten later with coffee. Occasional treat is a full cooked. Even more occasional is pancakes just because I prefer to leave sweet ’til later in the day.

  3. Fave at the moment is soft boiled eggs with roasted asparagus wnd lots of toast to dip into them, yum yum yum. Spring-time only though but makes it all the yummier when we can get it!

    Pikelets (drop scones over there I think?) would have to be our all-year fave though with lots of nutella here too and honey and jam and butter and maple syrup and all just so yummy!

    1. Sounds delicious Kendra. Locally here in Stoke we have something called a pikelet that’s a bit different to the usual… it’s more like a large flat crumpet with currants or sultanas… really delicious!

  4. Aaaah, nothing but a heap of hot croissants, cold butter and delicious raspberry jam, with buckets of black coffee and orange juice. This is our birthdays and Xmas special breakfast (although I must admit the others are rather partial to pain au chocolat too). I could eat croissants every day. Otherwise I am a life-long breakfast avoider as I am not fond of milk, and who has time for toast? Muffins are a good stop-gap for me once I’m back in off the school run, though – I can fool myself that it’s cake, not breakfast. 😉

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