Tuesday Books and Makes

Some makes….. I’m feeling like I have to sew and crochet to the max at the moment because I’ve signed up to do a 2 day craft fair at the end of November.  I could regret that one, but hey, nothing ventured…

Here’s some of what I’ve been making over the last couple of days.

Pouch for crochet hook/project storage

This one’s for crochet fiends.. It would fit in tons of crochet hooks, stitch markers and a small pair of scissors.  It would even make ideal storage for a small Work-in-Progress.  All the materials I’ve used are recycled.  I’m hoping to do more of these applique purses – especially now for some reason I feel more confident with my sewing machine.  Must be all the practice I’m getting lately!


Flowery Red Pouch

Isn’t this fabric gorgeous?!  I love it… it’s a really hardwearing pincord that I got from Abakhan a while back.  It would make great storage for art materials or sewing tools.   Just recently I’ve been keeping my most used bits and pieces (fabric marker, scissors, rotary cutter, folding ruler, seam ripper (of course!)) in a fabric case and finding it really helps to have everything to hand.

Now for the books….. I really recommend popping round to Stash Books.  They’re a new sewing book imprint that I’ve recently started following on Twitter.  They haven’t been around for long (just this year I think) but they have some gorgeous books out already.  Personally I can’t wait to get hold of The Practical Guide to Patchwork by one of my very favourite bloggers – Elizabeth Harman of Oh, Fransson!. Definitely one for the wishlist..

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