Old Salt Pork

Couldn’t resist this as a kind of sequel to yesterday’s proper salt pork post.

Salt Pork is also the slightly inappropriate name of a heroic and kindly pig from the Ladybird classic Piggly Plays Truant. These days, Piggly would no doubt be excluded from pig school and end up with a porcine ASBO, but here the slippery slope only ends up with thick colds and honey and lemon all round.

Piggly and his chum not only bunk off school but they steal a boat:

Of course they end up in difficulties and all seems lost as they drift out to sea, before Old Salt Pork spots them:

and he brings them cake! And cocoa!

And wraps them up warm and takes them back to shore and their parents.

Great stuff.

One thought on “Old Salt Pork

  1. A classic from my childhood. I think this series helped develop my love of reading. They just do not make books like this any more.

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