Some Sewing

I’ve had this funky stripy fabric for ages – at least a couple of years.  I picked it up from The Cloth House in Soho (watch out there’s music at the other end of that link..) – a flipping great shop but sadly with no online service. I can’t remember what it is (the shame…) other than that it’s Indian.  It’s very nice to work with because, although it’s very light, it doesn’t really fray.  It suddenly came to me that it would make a great bag that to keep stashed in your handbag for ad hoc shopping trips.  I love the fabric because it really reminds me of those lovely stripy cheesecloth shirts us kids used to wear in the the 70s. Perhaps the fabric *is* cheesecloth?  Anybody have any ideas?

Simple Stripes Market tote
Simple Stripes Market tote

Here’s the same pattern used to create a different effect…  This lovely turquoise stripy fabric is by my patchwork and fabric hero Kaffe Fassett.  I can’t find this particular fabric in stock anywhere to give you a link – but there are some more gorgeous Fassett stripes at Cotton Patch.  I call it my Deckchair stripes market tote because this fabric says ‘seaside’ to me.

Deckchair Stripes Market tote
Deckchair Stripes Market tote

Finally – I put this little pencil case/cosmetics bag together today.  It was an idea I had last night and for once it turned out just how I had envisaged it. The lovely beigey-grey fabric is organic crossweave cotton from Ray Stitch – fabulous stuff to work with – and I love that woven texture it has. The very cute pink floral fabric is from the Summer Solstice range by RJR Fabrics – available again from The Cotton Patch

Pencil/Tool/Cosmetics pouch
Pencil/Tool/Cosmetics pouch

I hope to do some more like this – with different words & phrases – I’m working on some ideas especially for crocheter and knitters. Feel free to make suggestions (but not rude ones!!)…  This one is inspired by the experience of someone who is sick of all the biros/pencils/pens in the house disappearing to the upstairs study and her children’s playroom… can you guess who it might be???

5 thoughts on “Some Sewing

  1. Ali, love the bags, especially the kaffe fasset one, and the pencil case is a brilliant idea, love the lettering and colours – great design! As for wording ideas, well, I made an apron for Rich for xmas a few years ago when Jamie Oliver was just starting as the naked chef. Rich loves to cook and really like him, so I made an apron with the words knakered chef appliqued on , but did the naked letters in a more prominent fabric… I thought it was brilliant, he kinda liked it!

  2. Hello, thank you for the visit – just been looking at your craft book pics and other posts; you are spot on with the stripy reference, I remember cheesecloth shirts similar to your bag. but I think cheesecloth is much thinner, like a wrinkled muslin. I seem to remember having a blouse when I was about 7 in the the 70’s.

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