Craft Book Stash

I have a confession to make – my addiction to craft books is almost as obsessive as my addiction to buying fabric and yarn…  I have tons of books that I’ve picked up at local charity shops, from Book Mooch, and from the Oxfam Second Hand Store.   I buy older books as well as relatively recent ones and sometimes it takes a bit of imagination to see the potential of a crafty idea.  It’s easy to see the attraction of this cute project – I would LOVE to make this:

cute dollshouse

And I might be tempted to make a hammock (but only on the understanding that no creepy vicars come round to lie in it):

creepy vicar

But this quite horrid set of matching sweaters? Definitely not!

gruesome jumpers

Do you collect crafty things?  Vicars?  Gruesome sweaters?  Tell all!

10 thoughts on “Craft Book Stash

  1. I definitely have a weakness for craft books. A guy in the village sells second hand books to raise money for cancer charities and when he has an open day… ooooer! He knows my weaknesses. I almost have my own box of ‘you may like…..’, I just need a shed to keep them all in 🙂

  2. That vicar one reminds me of the books I used to get out of the library when I was a kid, I think I worked through most of the craft section, bring back macrame! Speaking of libraries, that Alicia Paulson book is lovely but mainly designs rather than new techniques. I did love the blackwork sampler in it though, might be tempted to try it if I can ever find any time to get stuff done. And, have you seen Fa La La La felt?

  3. I have had an obsession with books all my life and I love craft and art books!

    I am impressed that you have managed to get them from bookmooch I have had an account for a few years and have never managed to get a crafty or arty book x

    1. There’s two book obsessives here Hannah (actually 3 if you count one of my little boys!) and we have a house full… I think the trick with Book Mooch is with the searching…and asking if people will send overseas… but it is very hard you are right. Have only got 3 or 4 via Book Mooch.

      1. dunno Ali. any kind I think as it’s for a school project in realtion to the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch 😀

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