Goodies Arriving

Book Tuesday is really just an excuse for us to get all excited and buy an unfeasible amount of books…

Kids’ Christmas books are one of our enthusiasms – and we have quite a significant collection these days.  We’ll be writing a bit more about these later on in the autumn, but here’s a sneak preview of some seasonal goodies coming out this year.

So far we’ve ordered this ‘Hopscotch’ edition of a creepy Medieval Christmas story –  Sir Gawain & The Green Knight.

The boys love the Hopscotch series of books published by Franklin Watts. They are great, especially for beginner readers as they are effectively simple re-tellings of classic stories (for the most part), with good pictures. We first came across them at the local library and we particularly like the King Arthur and Robin Hood series.

But what’s caused greatest excitement is this new Richard Scarry book – Best Christmas Book Ever! We’re hoping to get round to a post on all kinds of Christmassy books by Richard Scarry and his looks rather wonderful doesn’t it!

Can’t wait for the next parcel or two now!

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