The Dreaded C-word

I’ll whisper it: christmas. Alternatively, and x-rated, xmas

As the media grumbles about mince pies in the aisles before Michaelmas, it seems a bit much to be directing our attention towards Christmas. But please bear with us, as preparation now can make things a lot easier come the end of the year. At least that’s what we’re telling ourselves. And with some things it does pay to start early – our ratafias wouldn’t be ready in time, and our beer (which may end up as presents) wouldn’t be matured. This evening Ali’s had a bash at an intriguing-sounding recipe from the River Cottage Preserves book for Plum and Russet Mincemeat. Things are easier if you get organised and plan them a bit in advance. So with all that in mind, and hoping to test some recipes before sharing them here in the weeks before Xmas, here’s our first modestly Christmas-themed post of the season.

This is what it’s all about at the moment: a slightly tottering pile of cookery books I’ve been scouring, looking for interesting things to try this year:

The first, rather ambitious and grandiose, list of recipes is now scribbled down. And it’s time now to start whittling it down – cutting anything that’s just too ambitious, remembering that it’s just us doing the cooking and we don’t have kitchen staff, and wondering just where we might be able to get hold of pigs’ trotters from locally…

Is it just us that do this? And I don’t just mean the trotters. If anyone’s got something they’re looking forward to trying out for the first time this Christmas, we’d love to hear about it.

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