Testing out our new tent

We went camping last night!  We needed to practice putting up our fabulous new tent before we go away for a bit longer at the end of September (weather permitting), so we decided to throw everything in the car and dash off for the night to our favourite local campsite near Leek in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

The tent was pretty straightforward to put up – although I am glad that one of us is tall!  Doesn’t it look fantastic?

Our tent

It was the shortest trip ever – we were only away from home for 20 hours!   Just time enough to learn how to put the tent up, eat fish and chips, use the showers (for the boys, no holiday is complete without spending hours in the shower!), drink a bottle of wine (just the adults…), sleep, have breakfast, and take the tent down again!

Danny did a fantastic job with helping us to set up the sleeping bags in the bedroom:

Inside the tent

Here’s Tom and Bugs Bunny, making themselves at home:

Tom and Bugs, saying hello

We had to take all home comforts with us, even though we were just going for a night.  Danny made me laugh, rushing back from his bedtime shower wearing his favourite ‘soft cuddly red dressing gown’:

Dressing gown at the campsite

After a gorgeously sunny day, we had a very clear (and slightly chilly!) night.  This is the twilight sky behind our tent:

Night sky behind the tent

It was brilliant watching and  listening to the big groups of rooks and jackdaws coming into roost on the trees nearby as it began to get dark.  It wasn’t quite as dramatic as this clip from BBC Autumnwatch, but it was pretty impressive and noisy all the same.

We had such a fantastic time we didn’t want to come home.  Now we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a good spell of weather longer in the month so we can have a proper trip away.  Can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “Testing out our new tent

  1. We’ve got exactly the same tent. We looked at soooo many and this one seemed to be the best and so far it’s proven to be fantastic, it even survived a recent trip to Shetland. Hope you have lots of great camping trips and that the weather behaves itself for a while.

    1. We spent weeks deciding! So many things to factor into the equation, but we are delighted so far. How fantastic to go to Shetland! We went to Orkney a few years back before the kids were born, and would love to go further north. 🙂

  2. Love your new tent, pleny of space! And your boys are gorgeous, I love the one of Danny in his dressing gown, Adam has one just like that and would wear it to school if he could!

  3. That’s a great tent with lots of room. I haven’t seen one like that before. I hope the weather is good for you holiday – and for the rest of us!!
    Teresa x

  4. Ooooooooh if you get some good weather please throw it my way 🙂 I love camping too but my memories of camping with my boys meant no sleep for us or anyone on the campsite. I’m not kidding either my middle son (yes I have 3 of them) didn’t sleep more than 2 hrs in any 24 for 8 years…………………………..

    Oh but it is such fun and everything tastes nicer cooked on a campfire even if it is just a gas stove.

    Hope you had your crochet with you 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more about food tasting more delicious when you’re camping. I think it’s something to do with all that fresh air! And yes I did have my crochet with me – was too knackered to do any by the end of the day though…

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