Housewarming Giveaway

To celebrate the birth of our new blog (and to make sure lots of people know that we’re here of course), we thought we’d celebrate with a little housewarming party.   All the best parties have games with prizes – right?   Sadly, we can’t all get together for a quick round of Pass the Parcel, so we’ll have to play the Comment Game instead..

To be in with a chance of winning one of these housewarming prizes, hum a little tune to yourself, and when the music stops, leave us a comment and tell us a little bit about the best party you’ve ever been to.

Here’s the 1st prize… a reversible bag handmade by Ali:

Chocolate and turquoise floral shoulder bag for Very Berry Giveaway

The second prize is this crochet storage basket, again, handmade by Ali:

Crochet storage basket for giveaway on Very Berry Handmade

And the 3rd prize will be a £10 gift voucher for one of our favourite online shops – Wiggly Wigglers.

To gain an additional chance of winning, become a follower of Very Berry Handmade on Facebook and tell us that you’re a follower in an additional comment.   If you tweet or blog or announce the giveaway on Facebook you can have further entries, so do let us know in additional comments.  The prize draw will be made on 1 October, so you have plenty of time to enter and share the links.

Whilst your anticipation is growing, why not take a look round the new place?   Over in the kitchen we have lots of lovely recipes for you.  And in the craft workshop there are some crochet patterns for you to have a go at. Or, if you’re a fabric fanatic, why not check out Ali’s great labour of love – A Big List of Fabric Suppliers in the UK.

Our aim in this new blog is to share all the stuff we feel enthusiastic about – gardening, cooking, baking, sewing & crochet – and lots of self-sufficientish stuff that we do for the sheer love of it all.  We hope you enjoy reading about it – please make yourself at home.

We’ll be back in the next couple of days with recipes for fruit liqueurs and Kentish Huffkins…

43 thoughts on “Housewarming Giveaway

  1. Hi there, I’m so glad to see Damson’s can be used to make Damson gin. I was given a load and wasn’t quite sure what to do with them so in my ignorance I put half in a jar of gin and half in a jar of vodka, Christmas cocktails should be interesting this year!

    Favourite party has to be our wedding. As we were organising it ourselves we got to invite the people we really cared about and that cared about us. The atmosphere was easy and relaxed, a bit of talking, a bit of drinking and a bit of dancing, ( ceilidh’s tend to work best if the drinking is before the dancing, you’re more likely to get people willing to give it a go if they’ve had fortifying dram or two)

    I’m really enjoying your blog, love the variety and invaluable info you supply. Keep it coming :o)

    1. Really pleased you like the blog. Am sure your damson drinks will turn out really well – we’re hoping to do some Xmas cocktail recipes later in the year.

      I do love a ceilidh but DEFINITELY need a drink to participate…!

  2. Best party??
    Probably our wedding party!! (a long time ago!!) we had a ceildh and it was such fun – All generations had such a good time!!!

  3. Hi, love your new blog! Just been reading through your recipes, I’m will have to try some.

    The handmade prizes are great and I love Wiggly Wigglers! Fingers crossed I win!

    My favourite party was when I got to dress up as She-Ra for a friends birthday party at Uni, I love fancy dress parties! 🙂 x

  4. Loving the new blog, what a lot of hard work you guys have been putting in. I’m very glad I don’t live in the UK anymore or your fabric shop list would be the death of me! Will be trying out some of your recipes soon. Good luck with it all.

  5. Liking the new blog! I have been having a nosey about and I think I might have to get the hubby to try some of the recipes 🙂

    As for parties hmmmm… we used to hold some pretty good ones a few years back but I cant really remember them 😉 we had a good party for my Mums 60th last year – that too was 60s themed.

    Good luck with it Hun xx

  6. FB, tweet, blog. 😀

    Did you know physicists throw the best parties? Or at least, they did when I was a student (not of physics). One Annual Ball, I’m afraid I got Very Very Drunk – the crippling heels required at least three or four glasses of wine just to get me from the union bar to the venue (all of two streets away). Each table had a bottle of red and a bottle of white *each* (duly drunk), and the vodka was doing the rounds also. I was whisked away in a taxi by the then bf before midnight as I couldn’t stand up any longer. The next day I had to ask around as to whether I’d been hallucinating when Nick, resident physics comedian, stripped off his jacket to reveal shirt sleeves printed with lipstick kisses…and later, his pants, to show off his glorious fishnets…

    Is it any wonder I married a physics student?!

  7. Love the new blog!

    Best party? Probably the party that Spouse and I held to celebrate our wedding – not the reception itself (though that was fun, just not a “party” as such) but a garden party for all the people who hadn’t been able to make the wedding. We are from different parts of the world so it just wasn’t possible to get all our friends and family together for the wedding. This particular party was great because it was held in my PILs garden, was a beautifully sunny day, food was great, wine flowed, and there was a swimming pool. We’d suggested our guests bring swimming gear if they wanted, and many people did – we have fantastic photos of people in the pool, diving in or just dipping their feet in to cool down. We had a tier of the wedding cake that my friend had made, transported by suitcase 11,000 miles (and duly declared at quarantine!)

  8. am a follwer on facebook and also tweeted @emmajane30
    The best party that we ever held was a Christmas party. It was held a the day that the children broke up from school. We started the party at 6pm and allowed the kids to come along as well. We put together a big station with a couple of cocktails to get the party in a swing.
    We served Dry Martinis (James Bond style- shaken, not served) in classic cocktail glasses with olives. A dry martini is a combination of gin and martini bianco (the green bottle) with an ice cube. We also served champagne cocktails. For Champagne Cocktails add a sugar cube into the bottom of a champagne glass. Add a small amount of brandy until the sugar cube has taken up all of the brandy. Top up with champagne or sparkling wine (we used Cremant de Loire) and a string of bubbles will come off the sugar cube.
    We prepared a large number of trays of finger food – mostly bought ready prepared from the super market, so all we had to do was to serve it out and just pop the trays in the oven to heat it up.
    It got everyone into the christmas mood and went off with a great swing for the weekend.

  9. 12 years on my wedding reception is still the best party I’ve been to. In the village hall with a mobile disco but it’s the last time all our family and freinds were in one place and having fun. I’ve fanned you on Facebook and added you to my page’s favorites and I’m just off to tweet you now.

    Good luck with the new blog! Can’t wait for the Damsons to be ready for our damson gin.

  10. trying again as I lost my comment before! … looks fab! good luck with the new site x I’ll have to link my Mum to your sweet big ear bunny tutorial as I’m sure she’d love to make some for her 2 granddaughters 🙂
    party has to be one of hubs big family do’s, usually on boxing day – just a big loud get together to celebrate Christmas 🙂

  11. Love your new blog and the combination of ‘crafts’, a massive good luck to you both! My best party has to be my mums 50th, it was 60’s themed and everyone dressed up, danced, ate, reminised and drank with all the people that mattered – wonderful!

  12. Love the new blog! Didn’t realise who it was when I saw it on someone’s FB the other day….

    Best party…. Hmm, tricky one. There was a legendary one where me and three flatmates threw a bash, the highlight for me was snogging my now-husband for the first time. Seem to remember we got a round of applause (it had been a long time coming). And our wedding was a pretty great party too, lots of champagne 😀

    Good luck with your new home on the web!


  13. Looking Good!

    The best party has to be Bug Jam 2006! Wild times at Santa Pod in our yellow beetle 😀

    Hope you’ll be happy in your new home 😉

  14. Am just trying to set up my crafting blog and its great to see someone elses! Lots of good ideas here 🙂 Am already loving the bags, and wish I was clever enough to sew such nifty things 🙂 x

  15. Great fun!

    I went to my father-in-law’s 60th and I really enjoyed it as he played all music from the 1960s and it was a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

    And good food (which is always good in my book).

  16. Sounds like it’s going to be fun here and full of just the sort of things I’m interested in. I’d love to win any of the prizes – I’m a great fan of Wiggly Wigglers!

  17. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be filling this blog with lots of crafty and delicious goodness very soon. I’m looking forward to it and I’d love the chance to win either prize!

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