Fabric Buying

This is where you’ll find links to all my fabric buying guides as they get published on the blog. I really hope you find these useful!

Focus on…. Buying Felt

Focus on buying felt


Focus on… Buying Liberty Tana Lawn

Focus on by Liberty tana lawn


Focus on…. Buying linen & linen blends for small projects

Linen fabrics


Focus on…buying organic and fair trade fabrics

fair trade fabrics


Focus on….Buying Haberdashery



26 responses to “Fabric Buying

  1. Anonymous

    hi girls I ve found very good online fabric shop reasonable prices I ve bought several fabrics.
    Mary Williams/devon

  2. Hi, I found your site while looking for somewhere to buy plain Moda fabrics. Would you consider listing my website in your buying guide? Sewwhoareyou.co.uk is an online haberdashery, specialising in bag making supplies. I am also on Folksy and Etsy but my website has the most comprehensive catalogue of everything I supply.

    Many thanks,

  3. Hi
    Just came across your site, great stuff!
    But we are not listed in here,
    To find out more please check http://www.beyond-fabrics.co.uk
    Please feel free to contact me
    Happy Sewing!
    Beyond Fabrics

  4. hey guys, I have the basics of crochet down, but I need a project w/ a pattern (easy) to do because we NEED moolah AND Im going nuts trying to find a small thing to do…please help???????????

  5. Hey yall! I was wondering where to get the thicker yarns for slippers, not the REALLY THICK ones like Wal Mart sold not long b 4 Christmas last year.???

  6. Vicky Plater

    My most favouritist button site – http://www.textilegarden

  7. Becky skelton

    Hello there

    I’ve been learning to sew for a while now and I’m more focused on home decor but love trying to make kids clothes too. I love Amy butler, Riley Blake etc but I’m buying the odd over priced fq here or a stingy metre there and would love to buy my own rolls or bolts because I know I’d use it all. Would anyone know if your standard ‘woman on the street’ can buy direct or if you have to be a business. Where does it come from?


  8. Christine Rollinson

    Hi! My eleven year old sone wants me to make him a shirt with vintage/retro type cars on. I am having trouble finding a fabric as all the prints I have seen tend to have large prints on and it needs to be quite a small print. I wondered if you had any idea where I would be able to get a fabric like this. Thanks!

  9. Trina

    Hi, I’m new to quilting and getting confused about some cotton being ok and other fabric not up to standard. Where do I start? Are fat quarter bundles always up to standard and charm packs etc? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  10. hannah

    hi, I’m making a Totoro bed type thing for my friend, and i need to know where i can get very large, but cheap, fabric to make it.

  11. Lindsey

    Hi Ali

    Just received my Liberty charm packs purchased from your shop. Beautiful!
    Thank you so much.

  12. steve

    http://www.fabricuk.com is a very useful site for fabrics, i have been down to the warehouse in Birmingham Saltley, they got plenty of fabrics there

  13. Carolyn

    Hiya my name is Carolyn and I’m interested in collecting old sewing patterns etc.
    I am trying to find doubled faced quilting fabric. Can you help please.

  14. Jo


    Don’t suppose you know of any wholesalers in the North West with modern patterned cotton for crafts like bunting etc. Really struggling to find anywhere with modern designs.


  15. c evans

    i am trying to find some swiss batiste type fabric in uk does any one know where i might find it?

  16. Jerilee Bonner

    love your site will be a regular visitor for the little touches. I am hoping you can help? I now need more fabric than what i usually buy and I don’t know where to start i need at least 500 metres of linen or heavy twill cotton of course whole sale prices, i cant seem to get past the shops how do I find a trader of large quantity? :( hope you can advise. Many thanks


    • lyn lewis

      Whaleys in Uk is a great source and worth looking at.
      http://www.whaleys-bradford.ltd.uk/ and
      they may well do you a deal price for so much!
      Having said that Id imagine youd get a good deal from an overseas trader surely? perhaps look on Ebay for overseas sellers and email them for a quote?
      But check their feedback scores so you have an idea if they are reputable!
      Ive bought silk pieces and offcuts from both China and japan and been totally satisfied by the transactions must admit.

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