Plush Addicts Giveaway!


The folks at the online fabric shop Plush Addict have achieved an enormous amount in the short couple of years since its founder, Kellie, set up her original shop selling all the bits and bobs for making cloth nappies. They now also sell an extensive range of quality quilting weight cottons, haberdashery and lots lots more – pop round and have a look, I defy you to come away with credit card unscathed… I have heard from very pleased customers about the wonderful service they have received, and I am not surprised, because they offer same day dispatch, good prices and a generous loyalty scheme. I am particularly impressed that they have recently introduced a free, UK postage paid returns service. I think this is great, because as we all know, buying fabric online does have its downside – when the fabric doesn’t quite turn out to be the perfect match you had hoped for!

So, I am really delighted to be hosting a giveaway for The Family Plush (Plush Addicts is run by Kellie, her husband, her sister-in-law and her mum!) – and there’s a fabulous prize for you lovely people. A layer cake (a pack of 10″ squares) of the gorgeous collection called Daydreams by Kate Spain for Moda. And, if that wasn’t enough, the winner can also choose 2 metres of any fabric of their choice to go with it.


Daydreams by Kate Spain

 The rules: 

  • Leave a comment on this blog post. You can say whatever you like – but if you are in the mood, why not tell me what business your family could run (I think mine would be great at running Mario Kart 8 themed holidays…!)?
  • Sign up to follow Plush Addicts on Facebook and leave ANOTHER COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST to tell me that you have.
  • Sign up to follow Plush Addicts on Twitter and leave a ANOTHER COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST to tell me that you have.
  • Enter the competition before midnight (GMT) on Sunday 8 June. The winner will be announced on Monday 9 June.
  • The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

So enjoy and good luck!


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222 responses to “Plush Addicts Giveaway!

  1. Lyn

    Hmmmm…probably something computer geekish…he likes to fix hardware problems, and I like to teach people how to use software…

  2. Christy H

    My family would love to run a B&B, with fresh food from our garden, and the house would be filled with stuff I’ve made (including the furniture!).

  3. Marijke

    FB ‘vind ik leuk’

  4. Marijke

    Something creative, that’s for sure.
    Glad I have discovered Plush Addicts now.

  5. Piroska

    I follow on Twitter (@pippirose77)

  6. Piroska

    I follow on FB. (Piroska B…)

  7. Piroska

    My family would probably run a landscaping/ garden art/ garden business.

  8. Louise McCarron

    Following on Facebook now – love their page!

  9. Louise McCarron

    Fab fabrics – thanks for the opportunity to win, just thinking of all the lovely things I could make. Following on facebook.

  10. Comment 3: am following on Twitter now too!

  11. Comment 2: am a fan on Facebook now.

  12. Comment number 1: our family would have to run a cake shop, I think, as both my husband and I are avid bakers.

  13. Pauline Davey

    Already a follower on Facebook. Love their fabrics.

  14. Leigh

    Ours would definitely be a food-related business – maybe an asian street food stall?
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Hi – I have followed them on FB and Twitter. My family business would be cake baking !

  16. SandraB

    What a lovely giveaway! My family would be good at running a cake shop – we all love baking, and eating, cakes!

  17. Anne-Marie Purcell

    Following plush addicts on Facebook and twitter

  18. Anne-Marie Purcell

    I would love to make pretty fabric baking acccessories ie aprons, oven gloves, table cloths etc especially for the little ones, combining my two fave things – crafting and baking yummy cakes of course! Or just special little cupcakes. If only, just to be able to stay at home with my gorgeous baby rather than work :(

  19. We already run a business from home and I work pretty much full time! Serious graft goes into it 24/7 so I’m always really pleased when a family business or small start up manages to make it and prosper!
    Like you I love Plushaddict. Customer service is the one thing that will make or break my loyalty and so far they’ve been faultless!
    I’m. Ot on Facebook but already follow them on Twitter so another short comment will follow!

  20. Christine

    I have always wanted to have a little cafe that served pie of all types. I know my family members would be my best customers!

  21. We could run a laundry! All that goes on in this house is washing washing washing! 3x sporty sons and 1x sporty husband = washing. We’d offer an expert service!
    I’d love to win the fabrics, I browse Plush addict website far too often than is good for me.

  22. I think my family would be great at running a pet hotel. We’re all a bit cat and dog crazy and don’t mind a guinea pig or rabbit either ;-)
    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  23. Joanne

    I now follow Plush Addicts on twitter too!

  24. Joanne

    I follow Plush Addicts on Facebook, I love seeing pictures of fabrics in my newsfeed!

  25. Barbara Corbitt

    I follow on twitter

  26. Barbara Corbitt

    I am a happy follower via facebook babscorbitt at gmail dot com

  27. LINDA

    HI, I think our family could have ran a Quilt Shop:I’d order the Fabric;Hubby could do the books; daughters could clerk>it’d be a hit! Thanks for sharing a great giveaway!

  28. Barbara Corbitt

    I would say catfish noodling. We have catfish in this area that weigh over one hundred pounds.

  29. LINDA

    Hi, I follow Plush Addicts on Facebook !

  30. Amy C

    Hmmm – I think our family business would be a B & B. My sister has always thought she’d like to run one and I could bake the cake for her!!! And make pretty cushions and curtains and quilts, of course!

  31. Amy C

    I follow Plush Addict on Facebook and have shopped with them a couple of times. They are great :)

  32. following on twitter

  33. Liked on facebook

  34. Beautiful fabrics – it would have to be a creative family business – we’re all good at making things – especially mess!

  35. Love fabric patterns! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I’ve follow Plush Addict facebook page. ^^

  36. Sue

    Following Plush Addicts on Facebook.

  37. Sue

    We have a farm and to accommodate everyone’s wishes we would add a B&B, a coffee shop/gallery, a plant nursery, an animal sanctuary, a carpentry, and organize photography workshops, I don’t know if we would have time to do any farming!!

  38. Liz V

    I follow on Twitter! Username is lizveeee :)

  39. Liz V

    My family would run a great vintage resale shop and craft shop! We do try, we have an Etsy but it’s not very successful just yet.

  40. Pam S

    I signed up to follow Plush Addicts on Facebook. Thanks again!

  41. Pam S

    Thanks for the great giveaway and for introducing Plush addicts! We live in a very old house, so maybe we would run a rehabbing business.

  42. I am now following Plush Addict on Facebook.

  43. I adore Kate Spain and Daydreams!
    My husband is a firefighter. His dad was a firefighter. His brother is a policeman and firefighter. His other brother is a dispatcher for police and Emergency Services. I guess you could say it runs in the family!

  44. Jennifer Oliver

    I follow you on Facebook :)

  45. Jennifer Oliver

    Our dream is to run a family ranch with various seasonal courses for young adults – spring leadership, summer adventure training, autumn crafting/sewing/quilting, winter music & art., etc.

  46. Sarah N

    And I follow them on twitter :)

  47. Sarah N

    I follow them on Facebook

  48. Sarah N

    My in-laws already run a pharmacy as a family business, not sure what I would do if I started one up though!

  49. I follow Plush Addicts on FB!!

  50. I’ve talked about this with my husband and if we had a business it would be a cafe with sandwiches and homemade soup!!m

  51. Quilting Tangent

    Retired, no more business world.

  52. Janie

    I want to open a restaurant. Thanks for your tutorials, and the giveaway.

  53. Our family could write and sell Dinosaur books. We all have become experts Thanks to my 4-year-olds obsession with them.

  54. Nicola

    I’m thinking about the dimple cuddle soft fabric I just ordered from plush addict!

  55. Nicola

    I follow plush addict on facebook!

  56. Julie T

    I follow Plush Addicts on FB.

  57. Julie T

    Too many bosses in my family to run a family business. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Flavia M.W.

    No clue… I love to be a sales person in my professional life. I would sell whatever comes…

  59. Kathe

    I am a FB follower. Thank.

  60. Kathe

    We’ve had a few business we ran – mortgages; restaurant; sports bar. Thanks.

  61. We’ve talked about this! Hubby would run a “Jerky” (think beef jerky, chicken meat shop) joined onto a quilting shop so the men could have something to do when the women go to the quilting shop!

  62. Hmmm… not a fabric store, they’d catch me hoarding stock! Maybe a tea shop? Pbstrand@msn.coM

  63. I follow Plush Addicts on twitter!

  64. I like Plush Addicts on Facebook!

  65. I think my family could run a gluten free bakery!

  66. Judy

    My family could run a resort up North. The lakes are beautiful summer and winter

  67. I follow Plush Addicts via Facebook.

  68. I follow PLush Addicts via Twitter @ArtistDoris

  69. I think my family would be great at running a quilt shop related biz–they are great supporters of my hobby and pattern business!

  70. I am following Plush Addicts on FB!

  71. Oh my goodness…I love this! My mom and I started a small business already selling our quilts :)

  72. I follow plush addict on fb x

  73. Lovely prize! Please enter me in the draw!

  74. Margaret Jordan

    Kate Spain is awesome!

  75. Debra Kay Neiman

    CrystalblueRT is following Plush Addicts on Twitter! crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  76. Debra Kay Neiman

    I follow Plush Addicts on Facebook! crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  77. Debra Kay Neiman

    Greetings from Oklahoma, USA. We would make a good go at a fabric museum. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  78. Love that fabric Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  79. And I’m following on Twitter as well!

  80. I’m following Plush Addict on Facebook

  81. signed up for newsletter

  82. would loooove this..x

  83. Sara Brunton

    I’m following on Facebook!

  84. Following on Twitter.

  85. Following on Facebook.

  86. I like to run a kitten cuddling service – getting kittens used to human contact prior to them being homed.

  87. Already follow Plush Addicts on Twitter

  88. Already follow Plush Addicts on FB

  89. Fabulous giveaway! I would run a multitasking service for multitasking women! Please enter me.

  90. Already liked on FB too

  91. Following on Twitter already!

  92. Hmmm, probably a microbrewery, though I’d rather set up a sewing machine repair business!

  93. Mary

    I follow Plush Addicts on twitter.

  94. Mary

    I follow Plush Addicts on facebook – thanks

  95. Mary

    I think we could run a gluten free birthday cake business – not sure there would be much call for it though!

  96. sarah g

    i follow plush addicts on fb!

  97. sarah g

    oh, pick me!

  98. Bekk

    My husband and I have been playing Mario kart 8 every spare moment since it came out. He he. Me and my mum could offer a pretty good cake making and decorating service.

  99. We already run a family garden centre, but a dream of having a section to sell crafty bits #someday

  100. I’m following on twitter :)

  101. Lovely giveaway, Ali! Plush Addict were great when I used them recently, so it’s nice to see them here :)

  102. Karen

    Also following on twitter

  103. Karen

    Following on Facebook…

  104. Karen

    We would have a “beach hut ” style sewing studio and cafe located right on the shore. Oh and while I’m dreaming maybe the beach could be a private , picturesque little cove…….

  105. Followed you on twitter. @roseasanagustin :)

  106. Have just followed on facebook.

  107. Liked your facebook page already. (Roseanne San Agustin)

  108. Plush addict is fab! My husband pretends he works for my business as Quality Controller. Very annoying!

  109. I think my family would be great handling anything food related business because we love to cook and explore different food from different culture! ♥

  110. Kate

    Following plush addicts on fb. But I don’t have twitter.

  111. Kate

    Great giveaway. I think my family could run a tea room, we love baking.

  112. Have followed on twiiter too: (ID:@pltinabox)
    thank you for a chance to win.. and my hubby and myself are already in partner in life and business.. and I’m happy that we can work together.. ;)

  113. following on face book.. (ID: angela NG)

  114. Beautiful fabrics :) I think my family should run a business in the mountains, we all love to ski so it would mean we could do more skiing!

  115. I am following Plush Addict on Twitter!

  116. I am following Plush Addicts on FB

  117. Great giveaway! Based on yesterday’s efforts, my family should start a Spring Cleaning business – we had a lot of fun, unbelievably! x

  118. Heather S

    Family business huh? :) My sister and I could run a clothing boutique hands down!

  119. Natalie Finch

    I think my family would be great at running an amusement park or some kind of indoor park for kids!

  120. John Hutchens

    following plush addicts on twitter

  121. John Hutchens

    liked plush addicts on facebook

  122. John Hutchens

    Our best family business would be a bed and breakfast, we have so many friends and family staying LOL at least we would get a little payment.

  123. hard question :) We could run a how-to-be-a-superstitious-ginger camp :)

  124. Joyce Mitchell

    Following Plush Addicts on FB. Thanks again.

  125. Joyce Mitchell

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. I think my family could be pet-sitters.

  126. that fabric is so adorable!

  127. Sarah

    We have traveled so much we could do a tour agency business!

  128. My family could be in the disguise-the-room-you-keep-your-valuables-in-as-a-kiddie-toy-room-(complete-with-Legos-on-the-floor)-so-burglars-don’t-want-to-break-in business! :D

  129. Sandy

    Family business? Daughter is a WAHM making beautiful children’s clothes and accessories. I love sewing and knitting and would love to join forces with her. Best of both worlds; doing what you love with a beautiful person you love!

  130. Sandy

    Following on Facebook – fab site!

  131. debgarretty

    I also follow on Twitter.

  132. debgarretty

    Please enter me into the Plush Addict giveaway. Love the website and visit it regularly as I receive their newsletter/e-mails. Thank you.

  133. Fiona Exley

    I don’t do Twitter.. Does that exclude my entry? :(

  134. Fiona Exley

    I already like Plush Addicts on Facebook :)

  135. Fiona Exley

    Family business?… I’d hire my stay-at-home-daddy husband out as the ultimate handyman: exquisite cook, very house proud and expert DIYer, whilst I indulge in making nick nacks (wannabe crafter, lol).

  136. Chrissie

    Businesses to run?! I think that we could run a de-cluttering business as I have had a lot of practice lately. It must be easier to de-clutter someone else’s house as you don’t have memories attached to EVERYTHING,

  137. My family have a laundrette, and used to have a computer game shop but my dream would be to run creative textile workshop where people could come and have fun experimenting!

  138. Joanne Napier

    Following on twitter, though never sure how that works.

  139. Joanne Napier

    I’d run a friendly little café, and have to try and not eat the cakes myself.

  140. Joanne Napier

    Following on facebook.

  141. I’m already a liked on Facebook don’t know if that’s following or not. Facebook confuses me :)

  142. Would love to win, your fabrics are so lovely.
    I think we could be a cleaning company my little boy of 1 loves hoovering, sweeping, mopping and laundry.

  143. I’m already a huuuuge fab of Plush Addict 💛

    My family would be perfect for running a handmade crafts / tea room / cook shop kitchenware business! This is our “pipe dream” (for now 😉☺️)

  144. I follow plush addicts on Twitter too!!

  145. I follow plush addicts on Facebook!

  146. Me and my family could run a zoo. It seems like the monkey enclosure around here sometimes!

  147. Me and family could run a zoo – it definitely feels like the monkey enclosure here sometimes!!

  148. Joanne Underwood

    Never won a fabric giveaway so fingers crossed!! Thanks for the giveaway xx

  149. Allison C

    Like them on FB

  150. Allison C

    Maybe a brewary, but we are probably better off letting other people run them and just support them by drinking their beer.

  151. We could run a bakery.we love cakes.Have a great day!

  152. I was already following Plush Addict on Twitter

  153. Just been and liked Plush Addict on Facebook

  154. I’m a big fan of Plush Addicts – the EN71-3 info on their fabrics really helps with CE marking toys.

    If my family ran a business it would be…you know we are all so different I can’t imagine us working together, so our business would be…bound to fail!

  155. And I like plush addict on Facebook :)

  156. I follow plush addict on twitter

  157. I love plush addict! My husband runs an online art print shop and I guess we’re all a bit artistic!

  158. I’m following Plush Addict on Twitter

  159. I’m following Plush Addict on Facebook

  160. I don’t think we’d be any good running our own business! I prefer to support other people’s businesses.

  161. KAY

    I already follow Plush Addicts fabric on Facebook. x

  162. KAY

    Wonderful giveaway. Happy sewing. x

  163. Liz M

    I follow Plush Addict on Twitter!

  164. Liz M

    I follow Plush Addict on Facebook.

  165. Liz M

    Thanks for a great giveaway! I want to set my teenager up in business as a technology expert setting up TVs, DVD, phones,laptops and ipads for people – he can do it without thinking about it and i just sit and scratch my head at the instructions!

  166. I’m following on Twitter now too. What a fab giveaway.

  167. kirsty

    My name is Kirsty and I am a fabric addict… and proud!!

  168. I’ve just started making dresses for my girls and hope to make a business out of it eventually. Plush are sooooo helpful with colourmatching – love them. I already follow Plush Addict on FB.

  169. Sal Morrissey

    Plush Addict have lovely fabrics … Quite addictive .. Already follow on Twitter

  170. Kathleen McLachlan

    I follow Plush Addict on FB. They’re a fab company.

  171. Kathleen McLachlan

    I’d love if my mum and myself could have our own quilt making business.

  172. I follow Plush addict on facebook and love their great service. I would love to run a craft shop with handmade dolls and crochet items. Thanks for such a beautiful competition.xx

  173. lovely fabric thank you !

  174. Isabel A.

    I follow plush addicts on facebook

  175. Isabel A.

    I would love to win!

  176. Thumbelina

    I love Plush, I order from them frequently and am always really impressed! My husband and I dream of setting up our own sheep farm – I’d knit with all the wool!

  177. Mary Mills

    I have ca serious plush addict addiction! It’s seriously not healthy!

  178. Joanne

    What a fab giveaway! I love Plush Addict, they are great and the service is brilliant. We have a family farm high in the hills of Northumberland and I would love to expand this and run a sewing and quilt retreat. Maybe one day…….

  179. jennie

    Well at the moment I run my own bridal adornment business, but other than my husband it is not a family affair!! Pearls and small children do not mix. So for a family business perhaps a craft cafe, with amazing coffee, fresh homemade cake (made by my 6 year old), and fabric, beads, silversmithing, and perhaps pottery painting available too x Oh but the cafe has to be in Saundersfoot, my four girls can be serving minions! My mom can help with running tuition, and it would be fabulous!

  180. jennie

    Have followed plush on twitter

  181. jennie

    Have liked plush on facebook

  182. Anonymous

    I’m already a liker of plush addicts on Facebook :) however, i don’t have Twitter.

  183. Amanda

    Have just followed plush addict on twitter

  184. Anonymous

    I would love to win

  185. Amanda

    Great giveaway I have been browsing the shop today to see what I can buy I already follow plush addict on Facebook will pop to twitter now

  186. hidehi

    Lovely giveaway! I follow Plush Addict on facebook :)

  187. I already follow plush addict on twitter too! :)

  188. I already follow plush addict on facebook :)

  189. I love Plush addict – and I can certainly testify that their customer service is wonderful! I also love Kate Spains designs, so thanks for the chance :)

  190. claire

    Have liked Plush Addict on Facebook.

  191. claire

    We could run a library! This fabric is lovely, how had I not come across this shop before?!

  192. Jenny

    I already get their newsletter and now I have liked it on FB. jennylarking at gmail dot com

  193. Kim Shepherd

    A business? Hmm. In my dreams I would live in a lovely house with lots of bedrooms and run quilting retreats in a converted barn in the garden! My husband would cook and serve cakes to keep up the quilters’ energy levels!

  194. Jenny

    We could run a zoo. We already have the monkeys. Jennylarking at gmail dot com

  195. Kim Shepherd

    Kate Spain is one of my favourite designers! Thanks for the chance to win. I’m now following Plush Addict on FB.😊

  196. Craftylagare

    We could run a great animal sanctuary!

  197. Anne Bennett

    I think my family could run a Party Planning business. It would be great to work together.

  198. Anne Bennett

    Hi. Just followed Plush Addict on facebook but I couldn’t wait after reading yesterday’s blog post and I created an account last night at the online shop.
    Anne Bennett

  199. Craftylagare

    Have signed up to Plush Addict on Twitter!

  200. buntyw

    Now following them on facebook!

  201. Tracy Schwabisch Hitch

    Hello plush addict, I’m very happy to virtually meet you!

  202. buntyw

    What a fabulous giveaway – huge thanks to Plush Addict!

  203. Tracy Schwabisch Hitch

    I follow Plush addict on facebook

  204. Craftylagare

    Think I have done the. FB thing!

  205. Craftylagare

    Love the idea of a giveaway, I am positively drooling at the thought. You are a wonderful champion of all things fabric!

    • Sherry VF

      I don’t think my family could agree on one business. My husband would want a pizza business, my oldest daughter would do party planning, my son would have a Jiu Jitsu Gym, my youngest daughter would run an art gallery and I would design quilts. I guess we have it all covered. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

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