A late birthday present..

It was my birthday yesterday – we had some good plans for a smart lunch without kids – but it turned into a rather muted affair because me, Sandy and the eldest twin have all been ill with a tummy bug (poor us…!). So I was mighty cheered up to get my copy of Love Patchwork and Quilting through the door this morning. Here I am looking smiley, and making it sound a bit like I have a hygiene obsession…

Me in LPQ


But more importantly, here are my bootees – beautifully styled by the guys at the magazine, where you will find my pattern in this month’s issue:

@lovequiltingmag  have made my booties look beautiful in Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. Delighted!


Here are some more pics – basically for showing off purposes…


Bootees in LPQ 2


You can see, down in the corner there, that I am on page 39… I want to make a ‘Nobody puts baby bootees in the corner’ joke…

Bootees in LPQ


I had to make three pairs of booties to illustrate the pattern – and blimey that was hard work, I am not good at making multiples (low boredom threshold), and making 3 matching pairs is always a strain on the nerves… But they came out well (with just a little bit of stress) and I am dead pleased with how great they look in print. And, Love Patchwork and Quilting is a fabulous mag, so I feel rather proud to be in there. I shall definitely be having a glass of something fizzy over the weekend (when I feel fully recovered, lets not go mad, I’m not 20 any more…) to celebrate another great year, and being in print…


All finished


All three pairs… I wont be making bootees again for a while, let me tell you…

Hope you all have great weekend plans…  looks like it might be sunny for some of us!


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29 responses to “A late birthday present..

  1. Belated Happy Birthday Ali! May all the wonderful things come your way! Congratulation on getting published in a magazine! The booties are so adorable!

  2. George

    Sorry to be late, but heartfelt congratulations on the wonderful development of your career, and for a happy birthday!

  3. The boots look wonderfully….Will suit my new grandchild perfect.
    Congrats with birthday and magazine.
    regards Ingrid

  4. Congratulations on getting your beautiful bootees into the magazine, and a belated happy birthday. It was my birthday on 29th and although I didn’t have anything quite so momentous to celebrate I had a lovely weekend.
    I understand about not wanting to make 3 same items in a row. I’m too keen to move on to the next thing as well.
    Teresa x

  5. Chris Bultler

    Hope you’re feeling better and congratulations on your article. You are very talented and it’s wonderful to see you be recognised.

  6. Happy Birthday! :) Amazing booties! :)))

  7. Aww these are adorable! Congrats on your feature!

  8. mudpiesandpins

    Belated happy birthday. Hope you’re feeling better and that you are having a nice sunny weekend. Love the booties, I really must make some new ones for my own boys as they are rapidly outgrowing the ones they have.

  9. KAY

    Congrats!! My favourite magazine arrived yesterday too and i was thrilled to see your sewing there. A celebration is absolutely in order. xx

  10. hooray!!!! And happy birthday :-)

  11. They are just fabulous boots! Oh, I laughed at your hygiene comment… Hope you feel better – all of you, and manage to have a great weekend.

  12. They are. Beautiful . Congrats and happy birthday

  13. Happy belated birthday. :) and such gorgeous bootees.. Congrats on being publishing the tutorial

  14. Happy Birthday and congratulations on being published. The bootees are so cute!

  15. The bootees are adorable! Happy belated birthday, hope you get to have that fizzy drink soon :)

  16. Happy birthday, congratulations and here’s to your speedy recovery!

  17. Happy birthday, and congrats!

  18. Happy Belated Birthday and congratulations on being publised.Your booties are gorgeous!!

  19. Your booties are gorgeous and I am so proud to be in this issue with you. Fabulous company!

  20. Jenny

    They are lovely Ali and I totally understand about the repetition thing. I don’t like to make things more than once. Once is interesting, twice is occasionally good for improving but after that it is boring.

  21. I was also very excited to receive LPAQ this morning. I love the bootees! So cute and such lovely colours! Will definitely have a go at making a pair!

  22. They look amazing Ali,.. although your things always do :) Happy belated, and I hope you recover quickly!

  23. Tina Short

    Hope you all feel better soon.
    My copy of LP&Q arrived this morning and the booties are already on my ‘to do’ list for my brand new 2 week old granddaughter. I might have to make several pairs they are so cute.

  24. They look so cute – I think I would go into meltdown after one pair, let alone 3! x

  25. Hi!!! Happy Late Birthday!!!!! Congrats and the booties are adorable!!!!! I hope you all feel better real soon!!!!! Hope you get to celebrate soon!!!!!

  26. Poor things – hope you are soon totally recovered. Your hygiene comment made me laugh – the caption does make being creative sound quite dirty taken out of context!

  27. debgarretty

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes and congratulations on your article. The bootees are gorgeous.

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