My mum would have been so proud!

I finally made it into print.. it’s not much, but it’s a start…  Here’s the book:

Book cover

and my project:

My project in Stitch Craft Create

Nothing like a bit of soft focus to make something look really pretty!

It’s a fab book actually, I am really proud to be included in such a lovely array of projects – there’s an awful lot of talented people out there…



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37 responses to “My mum would have been so proud!

  1. You’re right, your mum would have been very proud – and you must be too – well done!!

  2. Fabulous Ali – an ambition many of us share!

  3. It’s better than “It’s not much”!! Much better.
    Teresa x

  4. tara blackwell

    Well done that woman! The pattern looks fab too! :D xx :D xx

  5. Kay

    Fab news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Pati from London

    That’s fantastic Ali! Your project looks lovely. Will check the book. Congrats, Pati x

  7. Congratulations! What a beautiful book, and your entry is gorgeous x

  8. Ann

    Ooh well done clever lady!x

  9. Congratulations – it’s a lovely project – defintely enought to make any Mum proud. :-)

  10. Kathie


  11. Di

    Congratulations. Di x

  12. Congratulations, it looks terrific, you should be proud too!!

  13. Sara

    It’s on my amazon wishlist- along with the time to do things!

  14. Many congratulations, it looks great! I’m sure many people will enjoy making it. Jane Lightfoot Designs

  15. Congratulations Ali! Your project looks lovely! x

  16. What a darling project! Well done. :-)

  17. Well done that is great news. Can’t wait for my review copy to arrive :-)

  18. Kim

    Congratulations from Kim at Polkadotii Designs

  19. Handbagsbyhelen

    Woo hoo! Congratulations. Looks fab

  20. Thats great Ali, it looks like a really professional book. Very exciting!

  21. That’s absolutely fantastic! Well done you :)

  22. Congratulations and well done – well deserved x

  23. well done you, congratulations!!

  24. Helen

    Congratulations! That is wonderful!! I will put it on my “read” board on Pinterest immediately.

  25. susan

    Thats awesome! You deserve to be in print, you are so talentedT

  26. Nicola

    That’s amazing! Well done xxx

  27. Dina Newton-Edwards

    Congratulations on having a project published.

  28. Deborah Garretty

    Well done! Looks like a lovely book x

  29. Congratulations – the project looks wonderful!

  30. Jane Whalley

    Well done Ali, looks a great book x

  31. Congratulations! That’s great news and very exciting. Just to say a big thanks for your weekly fabric posts, too :)

  32. MoodyCatCrafts

    Congratulations! It looks great!

  33. Carole

    Well done Ali

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