2 down, 14 to go

I’ve decided to properly applique my patchwork leaves for my Brit Quilt mini-quilt swap. I know it’s going to take a while, but I know I wouldn’t feel happy if I didn’t. So here’s a small celebration…2 down, 14 to go:

2 down

I’m hoping that it’s just an optical illusion that one leaf looks bigger than the other…

It’s been a good day today. It looks like we have a new babysitter. This has been a problem since our last sitter went off and had her own baby (some people!), but has become rather pressing because we are due to start our Preparing to Foster course next month. Finding a sitter is really tricky when you have 2 autistic kids who, whilst being very lovely, are extremely nervous of new people and twitchy about routine change. You can imagine…! Anyway to cut a long story short, we think we’ve sound someone, so keep your fingers crossed it all works out.

And more good news – I tried a bit of FMQ stippling. It’s a bit more seaweed-y than the lovely work by Elizabeth Hartman that I was inspired by, but I had fun and it looks pretty good I think:

FMQ seaweed

Thanks to everyone who offered helpful advice and encouragement about my last attempt. I’m really touched when people take time to share their experience or just say something nice. It’s always appreciated!


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20 responses to “2 down, 14 to go

  1. love your seaweedy swirls…just wish I had the time to do some too! September is earmarked for my quilting!!

  2. If you don’t want to waste precious fabrics while you are getting the hand of FMQ you can just use 2 pieces of kitchen towel… or good to get warmed up on before you sew on fabric…
    If your machine has a speed control use it… it helps to take one thought process away and you can concentrate on the needle…

  3. M

    Looking good! I cant do free motion quilt so this looks awesome:) well done and keep it up!

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! I need to keep practising, but I can see that it will open up a lot more quilting opportunities for me, which will be fun, so I have the incentive. :-)

  4. It look lovely- reminds me of the ripples you get along beaches when the tide’s gone out…

  5. It’s lovely and I think the leafs look exactly te same size ( to my eyes at least :))
    Good luck with the sitter I remember the days of trying to find the right person ( although my kids where lucky thy had a gramma close by ) it can be very stressful ( my kids are 14 and 15 now :)) I hope you find just the perfect person !

  6. Kay

    The leaves are great, and good luck with the babysitter.

  7. Deborah Garretty

    Wishing you lots of luck on all fronts and well done with the FMQ!

  8. Yay on all the good news, will keep my fingers crossed for the babysitter!

  9. fMQ looks great! Knew you could do it. Good luck with babysitter.

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